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  1. black_cloud

    Salisbury 02.11.09

    Morrissey, you never fail to blow me away!!! Last night was utterly fantastic. I was in smack bang in the middle, one from the front (tall bald guy). I have to apologise to anyone stood directly behind me, I think I obscured your view for most of the night as I am quite tall, especially sorry to...
  2. black_cloud

    Last night - 22nd July 2009

    I thought the night was totally fantastic, got right on the barrier and was about 6ft from Mozza when he came to the right of the stage (where Jessie was). Now way of telling what was going on behind as it was a bit tight up front!!!! Loved it cant wait for Swindon, Salisbury and RAH later...
  3. black_cloud

    Hi Upper Case Black Cloud, its lower case black cloud here!!!LOL

    Hi Upper Case Black Cloud, its lower case black cloud here!!!LOL
  4. black_cloud

    ALL Brixton Dates Cancelled

    Yes mate. I was going Saturday!!! Also RAH and Salisbury, very gutted. but more upset fo Moz. I'm sure he never wanted it to turn out like this. And yes, we should be mates:thumb:
  5. black_cloud

    ALL Brixton Dates Cancelled

    Just get well Moz, no matter how long it takes. It would be the worst nightmare if we never get to see you perform again. I will be lookin forward to October and 3 re-scheduled gigs. Viva La Moz:thumb:
  6. black_cloud

    Salisbury gig Canceled! **** sake Mozzer!

    Just checked the City Hall website and they have a notice poted at 11:15 saying he has cancelled due to voice problems!!!! I cannot believe that I have had both my gigs cancelled so far, RAH and now Salisbury. One last chance, Saturday at Brixton but I aint holding my breath.:crazy::crazy::crazy:
  7. black_cloud

    Marry me seth rogen!

    Im sure the young lady was not hating on Jewish people. Now, Now, take deep breaths.:p
  8. black_cloud

    Marry me seth rogen!

    HaHa Bloody Ha, Seth Rogan, the world is going totally bonkers. Funny Guy but what the hell??????
  9. black_cloud

    Morrissey on Wossy 13th Feb

    Re: Morrissey is booked for Wossy moz on the box is always a joy. Let the fun commence!
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