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  1. Mozzy1

    What did make you smile today?

    I'm laughing to myself about how my one young nephew told me on Saturday night that he has a crush on his girlfriend Nella. He's only 7. It's so adorable. It's a nice warm feeling for a cold day outside here today.
  2. Mozzy1

    New York Dolls (with Earl Slick) UK gigs March 2011

    David Johanssen was just at the Sellersville Theater recently, nice...
  3. Mozzy1

    What song are you listening to right now?

    The Cramps--- Garbage Man
  4. Mozzy1

    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    Was it a big mistake of myself to come here for a short visit to see how things have been with everyone in the last 2 years? As the Cars put it, "Hello, Hello Again"...
  5. Mozzy1

    Goodbye & Goodluck...

    Thanks again for your posts in the other places I had threads previously upon coming back to think that things have changed. However, it hasn't. Therefore, I am fully resigning. I thought returning to this website & giving it, "one last shot" would've been a positive, friend-building...
  6. Mozzy1

    Flu shots....good or bad?

    I should've clarified: PCP = Primary Care Physician.
  7. Mozzy1

    Flu shots....good or bad?

    A friend of mine got one last month & got sick recently but, it was from the placebo associated w/ the vaccine. I won't lie seriously... I was FREAKED out (w/out 2 much drama though) about hearing this. I just felt sick & germy knowing that the illness was spread bloodborne through that...
  8. Mozzy1

    Australia bushfires

    God Bless all of them & I hope things will clear-up for them soon... Take Care, Aussies.
  9. Mozzy1

    Flu shots....good or bad?

    Has anyone here had a flu shot previously this winter yet, has had the flu? If so, were you infected with a placebo & did you report it to your PCP? What did you PCP do? I have had the flu already this winter & was out from work 6 days (luckily, I have days to "cover" this) but, I haven't...
  10. Mozzy1

    It's my birthday today!!!

    Happy Belated Birthday :thumb:
  11. Mozzy1

    The Official My Ticket Has Arrived Thread

    Not that anyone gives a fig (considering what people feel about me as a person on this forum) but, everyone in my group going got our tickets yesterday to the Philly gig. So, I guess it's "official" now...we'll see...
  12. Mozzy1

    How old IS too old?

    If you've never married or it's been a long time since an engagement, do you ever find yourself looking at the clock of time realizing something has to change. Say, you feel you're a GOOD catch: you're educated, have a career, are healthy, are sane/not-crazy, have a good family background &...
  13. Mozzy1

    I like him too...Gervasis. I really don't know "too" much of his work but, what I've seen, he's...

    I like him too...Gervasis. I really don't know "too" much of his work but, what I've seen, he's funny. So, Eddie's b-day was Saturday, I hope he had a great one which, I'm sure he did. I hope he gets married soon. It's been quoted he wants children by 50. So, I wish him luck. I'm in the same...
  14. Mozzy1

    Are you a fan of Eddie Izzard's comedic work?

    Well, I hope he has a great day tomorrow. It's his birthday! Many memorable more, Eddie! :) :guitar:
  15. Mozzy1


    I saw them twice when they opened for the Bunnymen, Oct. in NYC & Nov. in Liverpool. I really like their style....Geraldine is my favorite so far of their songs. I hope to get their album too.
  16. Mozzy1

    tell us about the last Film you saw

    Re: tell us about the last Film you saw.
  17. Mozzy1

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Listening to Geraldine now. I saw them twice when I saw them open for the Bunnymen in NYC (Oct. 2008) & Liverpool (Nov. 2008). I like their style...
  18. Mozzy1

    What concert/show are you going to go to next?

    Hey, I pm'ed you...cheers, e.
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