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    El Paso, TX LIFT Ticket for sale! 3rd Row! Morrissey

    I've got one El Paso, TX ticket for April 14th, next Tuesday night concert at the Abraham Chavez Theatre. This is for the LIFT, otherwise known as PIT seat third row from absolute stage. The seat is in the center of the row. Overnight mailing included in price. $75...
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    General Admission tickets?

    So there should be no reason the tickets are priced differently. Some tickets for General Admission venues are in different price brackets online. If it's first come first served spots then would that be just for profit reasons? Thanks
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    General Admission tickets?

    This may seem silly but I'm not sure what GA means. Albuquerque is General Admission. Does that mean sit anywhere first come first served kind of deal? Or are all tickets marked with a seat number that must be adhered to? I'm new at all these concert attendance matters. Thanks.
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    What are the chances of getting a ticket for the Richmond show?

    Pretty good. I've got two tickets for you.
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    2 Tickets for 3/13 Richmond, VA Floor

    SOLD!! I have two tickets for the show at The National on 03/13 at 8pm. I was going to go from Durham but I have to go back to FL to work. :( These are general admission floor tickets. After Durham, I only expect a strong performance. He was simply amazing in Durham, so very much so.
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