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    25Live Studio in Sessions (Blu-Ray Rip in ALAC)

    Hello, I have created a GDrive folder for DVD/BR lossless rips (including bonuses such as interviews, DVD intros etc), it will be uploaded overnight so I can't be sure when it is ready.
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    (Almost) full lyrics to Spring-Heeled Jim

    Hello, I am not a native speaker. The whole idea of slang confuses me. I couldn’t decide the ones on the page were grammatical errors or how it used to be. And slowing down the song made it easier to dwell on the details. But for the rest - hanged, 16 part etc. - I was sleepless and...
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    (Almost) full lyrics to Spring-Heeled Jim

    I was thinking searching for the script / subtitles to We Are The Lambeth Boys was a smart move. It turns out it wasn’t, there are services to rent with closed captions but I wasn’t going to pay for it. So… There is this page, it seems someone tried dictating it before. Slowing the song down to...
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    Ian McCulloch and Arctic Monkeys reference Morrissey / The Smiths in concert

    McCulloch from the Echo And The Bunnymen mentions Morrissey before playing Killing Moon in Toronto, Sept. 2022. 00:38 is the exact moment. Update (Thanks to @Aubrey McFate for the transcription): "Hey, brilliant, this is great. I think you should all move to England and come to all our...
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