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    1 x Brighton standing ticket

    Due to illness, I can no longer make it tomorrow so have 1 standing ticket going spare. Happy to take £50 for it. It's an eticket, so can email it over to you.
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    Royal Albert Hall ticket for sale

    Hey, it’s all yours if you still want it. As soon as it arrives I’ll send it on to you. £117.70 (which includes postage via special guaranteed 1pm delivery). Paypal address is [email protected] Many thanks, Ben.
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    Royal Albert Hall ticket for sale

    Thanks to a very kind member on here, I got a Brixton ticket yesterday so am now selling my RAH ticket, Arena C, row 22....£112.75 (face value from Amazon tickets) plus £4.95 for special delivery as soon as ticket is in hand. Message me if interested.
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    London Brixton Academy show 1st March 2018 added

    I know this is a long shot, but if anyone can point me in the direction of a pre-sale code, I’ll be eternally grateful! Desperate to get just one ticket for Brixton
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    Extra UK date added - London Palladium 10th March 2018

    Never been brave enough to attempt to get on stage, but always curious to know what happens to the brave ones after they've been escorted off stage! Anyone care to shed some light? Really wanted to try on this tour but looks like palladium is now off limits even though I'm in row C :-( Also have...
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    Selling my O2 standing ticket

    Have sent you a pm
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    Selling my O2 standing ticket

    Can't go to O2 gig because in all the excitement, I stupidly didn't check the calendar and see that I have previous engagement. Aaaaggghhh I could cry! PLEASE PLEASE Moz announce another date! I bought it direct from O2 this morning at 9.00am. It's an e-ticket, standing. I've been sent the...
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    Manchester Date Added, Manchester Arena, Saturday 28 July - TTY Update

    Phew....1 standing ticket from (£55.50!!!) and 1 hotel room booked! Roll on July!
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