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  1. J

    for sale 2 standing tix sat 30th dublin

    these tix have been sold Edit: These tickets are sold
  2. J

    dublin 29th july,vicar!

    Snap! Same here lux girl :) So happy. Missed out for the other one. Once again thank you so much sid james for letting me know about how to actually acquire a 'floor standing' ticket! You are a star. Happy now :)
  3. J

    dublin 29th july,vicar!

    Thank you so much sid james :) That's the very problem i had and I just presumed the standing was gone. How inept are they? Seriously! So basically I could have got a ticket. That is just so stupid. Thank you so much for letting me know this though so I'll know for Thursday to just go with Best...
  4. J

    dublin 29th july,vicar!

    Guys, I was on at 9am (I was there refeshing the page waiting for it to open) but when it was available there were not 'standing' tickets. Were they labelled as something else? Cause I did not see any 'floor standing'. What were they labelled as? Anyone? Devastated. Were they really sold out...
  5. J

    Dublin, National Stadium 23rd November added

    Thanks a million, goinghome. I might just try driving there and get that 'on street parking'.
  6. J

    Dublin, National Stadium 23rd November added

    Folks, can any of you help me with directions. I have looked on google maps and all. My understanding is that this venue would be somewhere out the way of Kilmainham. I could also get to it by parking in the city centre and making my way up towards Stephens Green and walk off up Harcourt Street...
  7. J

    My dog just died

    I'm so sorry to hear this :tears: 16 years was a great age and Mojo was lucky to have a person like you who obviously cared so much just as you were lucky to have Mojo. Sometimes I feel the loss of a pet is underestimated by people (but not so on this board judging by this thread). I had 2...
  8. J

    Dublin, National Stadium 23rd November added

    I'm pissed off too :mad: I'm sitting somehwere. Can't remember where. Ended up having to book over the phone as they have some new credit card verification page that asks for credit rating etc and I'm using my mother's cred card so I didn't know (obviously paying her back mind!). Did anyone else...
  9. J

    Lou (Reed) and VU

  10. J

    Offered - Hotpress July 08

    Ok it's gone. Walkers Crisp - sorry, I could however send that bootleg to you if you don't have it by way of compensation! Cheers all. Didn't expect many to reply.
  11. J

    Ultravox and Crisis Tunes

    and ultravox are coming to ireland. Problem sorted.
  12. J

    These Charming Men March 16th

    Bumpity bump. Only one week to go!
  13. J

    Snakebite (Lager and cider)

  14. J

    These Charming Men March 16th

    How's it going folks? TCM will be at The Button Factory (Temple Bar Music Centre) on March 16th (think that's a Sunday is it?) in Dublin. Just giving any of you who care the heads up if you didn't already know. Don't think I'll be going due to zero amount of public transport and my own car...
  15. J

    These Charming Men Dec.28th

    Don't see a thread here about it so thought I'd put it up so you folks in the area won't miss this! They're playing as usual at what I still call Temple Bar Music Centre (are they really calling it the Button Factory now? - dear oh dear!). Well I haven't got tickets for either yet so maybe...
  16. J

    Attn Lurking guests! sign up!

    A lot of the lurkers are probably people who have signed up but just don't bother logging in.
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