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    name five pet hates including one person

    1. Addictive forums that distract me (place same under list of pet loves) 2. Lists 3. Trying to be clever in a list 4. Easter bunnies 5. The Easter Bunny (counts as person when it's a live individual at the local mall)
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    Moz lookalikes

    Indeed. Now can you even begin to imagine the back?
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    Where will Morrissey go when he dies?

    Since he's forgiven Jesus I think he'll be alright.
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    Vegetarian Roll Call

    And was it because (if only a teensey weensey bit) you were inspired by someone in particular?
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    What was the last Morrissey/Smiths song you listened to?

    At this exact moment THIS is about to stream into my ears: If you're so funny Then why are you on your own tonight? And if you're so clever Then why are you on your own tonight? If you're so very entertaining Then why are you on your own tonight? If you're so very good-looking Why do...
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    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    That I've never seen a more absurd ensemble of smiley faces since abandoning Yahoo Instant Messenger. And -- Is it possible that such a pantheon will one day supplant the need for us to communicate at all. For instance -- I was tired this morning but then thought about it a little...
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    If Morrissey were to throw his trousers instead of his shirt...

    I would get out the smelling salts and attempt to dodge the swooning bodies that fall around me like a house of cards. And then I would laugh.
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    you've got to be kidding me...i've fallen very ill and

    Sleep. A lot. Sleepwalk, sleeptalk, sleep while sleeping with (if your Sig Other loves you they'll understand) . If you can work and sleep at the same time (and most of us do) then by all means do it. Build yourself a Costanza-styled bed beneath your desk and take a load off. And sleep...
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    What (else) is in your Ipod?

    Seigneur Draper can save anyone's sanity, mine included. Don't ruin your eyes though or you won't be able to catch him next season.
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    What (else) is in your Ipod?

    Don't you mean Deborah Gibson? And you could always blame a bad song on a concession to an ex paramour, cloying niece, your mum/pop/great Aunt Tilda. I mean come on, isn't that what family's for? To clarify, all: I meant playlist. The one you listened to this morning on that lone...
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    What is the furthest you will or have traveled for this tour?

    Mars seems just a stone's throw away if I am a [I]real[I] fan, so that answer's just weak. Perhaps Pluto? I think the last word is that Pluto's been kicked out of our solar system (poor, inconsolable Pluto -- always the underdog in everything). So maybe there's still a chance the...
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    Meeting Morrissey

    If you have, what was it like? If you haven't, describe it anyway. Remember, this is just a little brown box and you get to play god.
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    What (else) is in your Ipod?

    Sybil's Playlist: Death in Vegas, The Sundays, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Wedding Present, Pulp, The Birthday Party, New York Dolls
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    What's the weirdest food you've ever eaten?

    Last night I cooked it. It was a riot of color with a noxious odor -- something that could have been left over from Miss Havisham's wedding. Oh, the weirdest food I've ever eaten. Does my group of gullible party guests count?
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    Ask a question to the person below.

    Depends on if petit feet really indicate what they are suppossed to according to the legend -- you know, big socks. Which historical figure would you want to have a beer with?
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    The Eureka Moment: What Got You Hooked?

    Lovely. Me: Wandering the club bare in stockinged feet. Lights turn at 4 am, faces blanch into ordinariness by neon. Sudden quiet. We all expect the requisite disco "Time to get the heck out...NOW" music to come on full throttle, but then -- 'How Soon is Now' is playing like a spell...
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    The Eureka Moment: What Got You Hooked?

    First Smiths song in your teenaged bedroom, first Moz solo in your college dorm, the boy with the messy hair and the off-kilter grin...?
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    Word Association Game

    with a...
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    Ask a question to the person below.

    That you met God (assuring him that you are not confusing him with Moz), thereby nullifying the need to finish reading a pack of lies. What would you ask Morrissey at a show if you had only 5 words, a mike, and butterflies in your tummy?
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