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    Andy Rourke RC interview - April, 2022

    Yes...this whole conversation is nonsense and probably brought up by someone who's not really involved in the mechanics of the writing process. It's not just laying down a chord progression on a 4 track. As a composer, anytime I was laying down a "demo" it was much more then just a writing...
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    Andy Rourke RC interview - April, 2022

    Now to be fair...Morrissey's methods of writing to the song at hand are odd (or at least most who've presented a cassette for consideration consider it odd). Most writers thought the verse might be a bridge and a chorus the verse etc. And the writer...after an idea is submitted might have to...
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    Andy Rourke RC interview - April, 2022

    Except for the fact that that's not the way it works. The guitar intro on "And I Love Her" is all George, no instructions from Paul and John and yet he's not credited as a writer. He contributed his part to the composition written by Lennon and McCartney (most likely a majority composition by...
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    Andy Rourke RC interview - April, 2022

    the thing that i've seen no one comment on is...marr generally provided morrissey with a 4 track demo of what the potential composition could sound like. almost every writer who has ever written for morrissey has mentioned that that was the way the morrissey liked to be cassette...
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    Does Morrissey use Auto-Tune?

    from someone who uses these tools in the studio everyday...if it was any production worth it's weight in gold and you wanted to be transparent as possible you'd use melodyne. the difference between melodyne and autotune is an afternoon's worth of manual labor to get the least amount of negative...
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    Johnny Marr on Radcliffe and Maconie - right now!

    Go back and listen to the radio was Bernard BUTLER...not Sumner.
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