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    Billy Bragg: There's no way back for Morrissey

    No , there is no way back for BB. His attitude supports the crushing of non - violent free speech , the toadying of fellow extremists at the NME has blinded him to that.
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    Billy Bragg: There's no way back for Morrissey

    I can't listen to BB tracks any more. I was okay with his socialism , but now he's a Tankie it's the end I'm afraid.
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    Morrissey Central: "New Morrissey Album" - 'I Am Not A Dog On A Chain' (November 28, 2019)

    I don't recall the tracklist of any previous album being announced 4 months prior to its release.Significant or not ?
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    "The light has gone out – it's time we stopped giving Morrissey attention" by Fiona Sturges

    At the year end "Dullest Writing Awards " Fiona Sturgid takes the gold medal.
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    Why one fan covered up his Morrissey tattoo with Sheryl Crow - The Guardian

    Is this really the best the Guardian has got ? I know it's the silly season , but yes i'm embarrassed for them.
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    Billy Bragg: “Morrissey has broken the hearts of a lot of people” - The Big Issue (26 June, 2019)

    I was young and naive , which is forgivable. How has Billy Bragg stayed naive into old age is the bigger question ?
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    Billy Bragg: “Morrissey has broken the hearts of a lot of people” - The Big Issue (26 June, 2019)

    I can't listen to Billy Bragg records anymore after these comments,won't buy any more, giving them all to the charity shop.
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    Manchester MP Afzal Khan on Morrissey: "If this is how he feels he shouldnt be welcome here"

    Banned from your home town for having non violent political views divergent from one of the MPs of the city ? Truly shocking and awful. This MP should be subject to a recall petition.
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    SER: "A Larks' Tongue In April" - Morrissey interview - Morrissey Central (24 June, 2019)

    It's obviously a slip of the tongue in mentioning UKIP are ahead in the polls when they are practically extinct. Sam means the Brexit Party.
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    Peter Katsis replies to Joshua Surtees' article with a job offer - Morrissey Official FB

    Will The Guardian be writing any articles about Billy Bragg ? Along the lines of "I was his biggest fan but now he's the Pol Pot of pop I can't play 'The Saturday boy' any longer"
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    "California Son" enters at #4 in UK album charts; #1 in UK vinyl album charts

    Time for another 'I was his biggest fan but now I'....type article surely.
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    The Wall Remains - Morrissey Central (28 January, 2019)

    Does anyone ever recall another album being recorded with a previous one unreleased ?
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    Mostazal - Gran Arena Monticello (Dec. 14, 2018) post-show

    If anyone has the speech about Bowie,Bolan,and Lou Reed that would be interesting to hear.
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    Steve Morrissey's new covers album - what do we know about it so far?

    Morrissey releasing his own Pin-ups has been a long time coming.Those that recall their history will know that album was the last with the 'Ziggy' line-up,before a direction change. Could history repeat ?
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    I’ve simply heard

    I really hope this isn't true.Whether it's true or not such a nasty rumour to pass on.Whoever started it should be ashamed.
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