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    Bonfire Of Teenagers unofficial live teaser (streaming plus MP3 download)

    Any chance we can get an re-upload of this one? Thanks.
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    Rebels Without Applause - official MP3 @320kbps & FLAC.

    Thanks for posting. This came outta nowhere.
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    Morrissey: "Lost Demos" - static link (MP3)

    Thanks for preserving and zipping these for convenience, FWD. Just found out about them today.
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    Morrissey Central "MORRISSEY NEW ALBUM" (May 30, 2021)

    Dammit, I wonder how long before we're able to hear this? Record labels these days seem so afraid to sign him. I hope Bonfire of Teenagers refers to today's youth culture being a trash fire. None of the song titles really grab me, but I am hyped.
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    Quilloughby: "Everyone Is Horrid Except Me (And Possibly You)" - Official MP3 (May 11, 2021)

    I just discovered this today, but unfortunately the link has expired. Any chance you can reupload, FWD? Thanks in advance.
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    IANADOAC - 320 internet leak

    I'm a little late on this, but it's appreciated all the same.
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    Love Is On Its Way Out - MP3 (320 kbps)

    Hmm, it just worked for me. Thanks for sharing, Fame!
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    "Bobby, Don't You Think They Know" YT MP3, FLAC & Digital 320

    Thanks for the links. The song sounds great. Can't wait for the full release. California Son was such a disappointment for me; it'll be nice to hear a proper album again.
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    California Son (album @320kbps) - web leak

    It's a fine album, but man was I disappointed with his rendition of "It's Over." I was expecting him to go for that Roy Orbison high note at the end and he totally bailed.
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    Marvel Studios (Morrissey mentioned in Ant-Man & the Wasp trailer) - Morrissey Central

    Yeah, I guess you're American too! I didn't realize the movie got delayed in the UK until August 6. I was expecting a lot more replies about it. I still think it's pretty damn cool and elevates Ant-Man all the more in my mind!
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    Marvel Studios (Morrissey mentioned in Ant-Man & the Wasp trailer) - Morrissey Central

    So I saw the latest Ant-Man tonight, and was surprised that there were a couple of Morrissey references to be found within! Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) actually has "Everyday is Like Sunday" as his ringtone! And there's a quick flashback story that Luis (Michael Peña) tells that involves a jukebox...
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