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    Morrissey and his links to paedophiles? - thecolemanexperience

    Re: Morrissey and his links to paedophiles? And people wonder why he's come to hate this site so vehemently.
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    Harvest ends contract with Morrissey - TTY

    If only someone could get through to Morrissey that signing with an indie / self-publishing could well lead to bigger sales than he's ever had. Such labels will be happy to put money into a 'prestige' artist and market him with precision. Instead, he'd rather sit back, get lost in the shuffle at...
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    ​B​radley Steyn -

    Well, the writings found on the site are liable to be "controlled" by DT. He could edit or delete offensive postings if he wanted to; I'm not saying he should or should not, simply that ultimate control of the website rests with him.
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    ​B​radley Steyn -

    Alright, thanks. It's true though that DT has overall control and can decide to get rid of something. That's not to say I advocate barring him from shows, but it's perhaps understandable how one might project perceived slights on to the site's owner.
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    ​B​radley Steyn -

    I suspect he means that DT either writes or decides what is posted on the front page, which is true, isn't it?
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    "World Peace..." enters at #2 in UK album chart

    The German chart hasn't been updated yet, as far as I can tell. Ed Sheeran, for instance, shows as being in his fourth week in the latest one to be published; he's on his fourth week in the latest chart UK chart (and yes, it did release on the same day in Germany). Anyway, in the UK World Peace...
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    WPINOYB T-shirt discussion

    Re: WPINOYB T-Shirt just arrived Similar quality print to my Quarry sleeve t-shirt from the 'Who Put the 'M' in Manchester?' gig, by the look of that picture.
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    UK chart position, day one (#2) -

    As of close of business yesterday: Sheeran 22.4k Morrissey 13.5k Oddly, it looks as though Morrissey may have sold slightly more on Wednesday than he did the day before (9k>11.2k>13.5k so far this week). The Queen Is Dead sits at #25 overall due to the Google Play promotion.
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    UK chart position, day one (#2) -

    Just wanted to provide an update: 11.2k at the close of business yesterday. Perhaps he will pass 15k after all.
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    UK chart position, day one (#2) -

    I don't have exact figures, but it cannot be many. I doubt Sheeran sold more than 8-9k on Tuesday.
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    UK chart position, day one (#2) -

    Sheeran's lead has jumped from 1700 to approximately 6000, which is probably down to Morrissey sales grinding to a screeching half after Monday. I suspect 15k is now optimistic.
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    UK chart position, day one (#2) -

    Pre-orders are added first, digital included. I'm not sure the bundles would count towards the chart given that they are sold through the record company rather than a retailer. That would be a question for Universal.
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    UK chart position, day one (#2) -

    Given that Manic Street Preachers had sold 11.2k with presumably more exposure and ended the week just upwards of 19k, it will almost certainly mean a debut of between 15 - 18,000 for World Peace; roughly half (more likely to be less than more) of what 'Autobiography' managed over its first week...
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    How different would the negative reviews be if they addressed the Deluxe version?

    The "real" album is the twelve track, which is why that is the one that is sent out to the press. Not to mention the fact that it would be horrendously crass to sell an album minus six tracks (and only at Best Buy in the United States, while everyone else shall make do with scraps) if it's what...
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    "World Peace Is None of Your Business" Reviews

    Re: additional reviews It seems to me to have gone down much better than recent Morrissey albums in the UK (I don't recall such consistent praise for one of his albums since Vauxhall and I), but much worse in the USA, where it seems to be regarded as overly harsh and self-righteous.
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    How many copies will World Peace sell in its first week? (in the UK) Number 2 behind Ed Sheeran, just over 1k behind. Depending on what's happening at #3, he might be able to cling to second spot. Top, of course, is gone as Morrissey sales will be far more front-loaded than those of Sheeran. Given that Sheeran sold...
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    Article: "World Peace..." reviews (A.V. Club, NY Daily News, LA Times, Michigan Daily, Newsday, Digi

    Re: Article: "World Peace..." reviews (A.V. Club, NY Daily News, LA Times, Michigan Daily, Newsday, Interesting that the rave reviews are coming from Britain whereas the less fulsome tend to be American. It's often been the other way round in recent years. A transatlantic divide is leading to a...
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