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    Morrissey mention (Blur on French TV)

    Jees, aren't people tired o blurs mockney nonsense yet????
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    "Obsessed: The Mexican Morrissey" - a film about Jose Maldonado - i-D

    I don't quite get 'tribute' acts, they are probably ok live when people have had a drink, but its a mistake to record anything, because it then looks silly and little like the real artist.
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    Read Morrissey's Scathing Open Letter to Al Gore and Live Earth - Rolling Stone

    The most interesting thing about this statement is his use of hyphens, very odd indeed. Also folks, he is a genius when it comes to his craft but otherwise just another bloke, don't hang on his every word, make your own minds up.
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    Morrissey and his nipples

    Its a funny old world.....
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    Morrissey and his nipples

    you would play with a mans nipples, a 55 year old man???? NNNUUUUURRRRRSSSSEEEEEEE
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    Original Alain Whyte song performed for 'Down the Highway'

    good songwriter for sure, but very ropey vocal here
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    "Autobiography" republished as a Penguin Modern Classic

    Re: "Autobiography" republished as a Penguin Modern Classic I have always assumed Moz was gay, based on the fact he is very camp and there is a naked man on the first record of his I saw. I appreciate that everyone is different, but I have always had girlfriends and eventually a wife...
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    Another Kiss Me A Lot Video

    Its way too gay, but its also way better than the official.
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    On those rare occasions

    Thats a good question. Most bands would work around 'hits' and songs they know are fan faves in that particular country. However Moz is known to think through pretty much every aspect of his work, so it could be that he has specific reasons for including songs.
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    morrissey frink thread!

    What is 'frink' derived from?
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    "Kiss Me A Lot" official video directed by Sam Esty Rayner - TTY

    Re: Kiss me a lot - Official video Is the person that made it a professional????
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    Morrissey and muslim meat traditions, does he dare criticise it?

    The question is 'are you gonna come over here and face the patriots of Britain' lol
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    The Smiths popularity

    Marr's playing in the Smiths is excellent, using the guitar to create soundscapes. Posts Smith he is just a good guitar player, I think that's fair, but would be interested to hear if he has done anything post smiths in peoples opinion that is excellent standard.
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    What's all this malarkey about?
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    What album are you listening to right now?
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    "Alan Carr: Chatty Man" - Morrissey appearance cancelled

    Do you have a show with a man being really camp, shrieking and wearing 'comedy' glasses and buck teeth??? That's Alan Carr, he is not funny, his show is very infantile and I am glad Moz won't appear, you wouldn't get Nick Cave (for example) on these shows.
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    Why is Morrissey so gay acting?

    He is gay acting because of the influence of his favourite book, 'fruitsexualism and the art of f*****ry' by Larry Grayson, published by shutthatdoor 1974.
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