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  1. Mmmmmm

    Best song, best line, best lyric right now

    This one obviously
  2. Mmmmmm

    Name a song that plays and you think "Damn that's a beautiful song"

    Mojave 3 - In Love With A View Sarah McLachlan - Sweet Surrender Jeff Buckley - Everybody Here Wants You
  3. Mmmmmm


    I had a fun evening reading through some of my old posts - which I did because I'll no longer be coming here. To anyone who shared a laugh or an idea with me over the past near-decade, thank you. And thank you David. I simply lost my interest in Moz some time ago. Mmmmmm
  4. Mmmmmm

    Morrissey on "Conan" (Nov. 29, 2011) - reminder / reports

    I was expecting to be disappointed again but found it quite tolerable. Not a classic perhaps, but a marketable melody. Try listening to it back to back with Girl Afraid which contains a similar chord progression, though, and you needn't wonder why we miss the old days. Oh, and Conan is...
  5. Mmmmmm

    Emoticons, LOL, and other crap.

    Am I correct in assuming what you are trying to say is: :confused: :mock: :swear: :head-smack: :censored:? I'm having a tough time determining whether you are being funny, frustrated, disparaging or irate. If only there was some convenient, succinct means of conveying intonation in text...
  6. Mmmmmm

    Cold Advice

    Regardless what remedy you take (ginger, pills, chicken soup, etc.) you are treating the symptoms of a viral infection. There is no cure for the common cold so you might as well take the highest dose of codeine your chemist will allow. The best way to get rid of the cold is to let your...
  7. Mmmmmm

    Army Navy's Justin Kennedy talks about his Morrissey encounter as a wardrobe stylist

    Army Navy's "The Last Place" and their self-titled debut are miles better than ROTT and YOR. Fun, upbeat, witty and catchy - which is why both A/N are on my summer playlist whilst Moz is not.
  8. Mmmmmm

    Fresh meat here

    I'm not sure whether advertising yourself fresh as meat in a Morrissey forum is especially dangerous or very safe. In any case, a fellow Canadian is a rare cut these days.
  9. Mmmmmm

    What did make you smile today?

    Great reviews on the season-closing show I'm directing. You're never certain, but when you read it in the news it puts a smile on your face for sure.
  10. Mmmmmm

    Barack Hussein Obama's Willfull Violation of the U.S. Constitution: Impeach him?

    I agree completely with Theo. Obama - heck, let's just call him Hussein - has clearly violated not only the rights of peaceful overlords of the Libyan dictatorship, but he has done so in a manner that clearly steps on the rightful domain of the Republican party. What sort of president declares...
  11. Mmmmmm

    2011 UK tour ad

    It sort of says "Morrissey will be in town with pussy on his mind"
  12. Mmmmmm

    If you have to choose what would be your method of suicide?

    Since someone already took death by sexual misadventure, I'll choose death by Miss sexual adventure.
  13. Mmmmmm

    Breast milk ice cream - really?

    Now where am I going to get a scoop of Butterscotch Nipple? Hopefully they haven't pulled their supply of Spermoni!
  14. Mmmmmm

    Superman Quiz

    That's no ordinary floating midget. That's Mxyzptlk!
  15. Mmmmmm

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Husker Du's Flip Your Wig from start to finish The way albums were meant to be heard!
  16. Mmmmmm

    Who Put the R in Arsehole?

    Perhaps in America the "R" was sold off in the great American domestic "R" exchange. In the northeast the letter R is frequently sold off to southern states. Consider the following: Pre-"R"-exchange: Bostonian: I had a bowl of chowder at the bar Texan: I washed the potatoes...
  17. Mmmmmm

    Who Put the R in Arsehole?

    Here in Canada we use both Ass (+hole) and Arse (+hole) but in slightly different contexts. If someone is being a real jerk they are an "asshole", however, if someone is simply being annoying or a hindrance they would be an "arsehole". One is clearly a term of aggression borrowed from our...
  18. Mmmmmm

    Who Put the R in Arsehole?

    Mmmm.... I think Chaucer was from London "But with his mouth he kiste hir naked ers". Its been there at least 600 years
  19. Mmmmmm

    Have you ever thought about suicide?

    When you say thinking about suicide do you mean you think about it, what the world would be like after you've gone, who and how much you'd be missed, etc? That much is not at all abnormal or even all that essentially dangerous. Just morbid curiosity wandering into taboo territory. If you...
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