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    Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) on Morrissey - Classic Album Review / YouTube (April 18, 2023)

    Great find. Not someone you would associate with Planet Morrissey, but that makes it all the more refreshing.
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    Guardian profile of Simon Armitage - includes Morrissey mentions (April 8, 2023)

    Did anyone really think that The Guardian was going to publish something remotely positive about Morrissey? His name will only be brought up when they can portray him in a negative way or else they will just ignore his very existence.
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    Morrissey Central "March" - France & Belgium 2023 (December 18, 2022)

    That is because Belgium is a more significant country than France :D.
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    The Suede thread for Suede things

    Great to see the boys tour the US and seeing from the footage, they were amazing once again.
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    Suede 'Autofiction' NME Review - 4/5

    Still waiting for my copy to arrive, but yes, Suede are by far the best live band around.
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    Sold: STILL ILL German 12" Lyntone pressings 2 copies on ebay

    Calling the sleeve NM is a bit of a stretch.
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    The Killers - What She Said (w/ Johnny Marr), Seattle WA, 8/20/2022

    The music sounds great and the spotlight is on Marr but don't forget there's a second guitar player (The Killers) enhancing the sound.
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    Delivering The Goods by Judas Priest. And yes, it does the deliver the goods.
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    Morrissey Central "WE HAVE ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD" (February 6, 2022)

    Cause he's brave and doesn't care. Being called anti-vaxxer is a badge of honour these days.
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    Alain Whyte FB: Rehearsal photos shared (August 22, 2021)

    So Jesse will be the lead guitarist, with Alain in a more supporting role, I guess. (Unfortunately)
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    Morrissey Central "PEOPLE POWER" (April 25, 2021)

    That's the official narrative you are buying into. Lockdowns come with severe and deadly unintended consequences. Moreover, they have proven utterly ineffective at taming the virus as has been proven. These 'covidiots' are standing up for you and your children's future.
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    Morrissey Central "PEOPLE POWER" (April 25, 2021)

    India has a population of more than a billion people. 3000 deaths a day on a population of 1,300.000.000... very dramatic indeed.
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    Morrissey Central "PEOPLE POWER" (April 25, 2021)

    Ah, how easy. Nowhere do I mention any of this nonsense. Fact: lockdowns do more harm than good.
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    Morrissey Central "PEOPLE POWER" (April 25, 2021)

    Thousands of scientists and health experts have already expressed their concern about the harm caused by lockdowns. It's unforgivable that there are people on this message board who still think that all this was justified. History will prove that these so-called 'covidiots' in Hyde Park were...
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    Morrissey Central "PEOPLE POWER" (April 25, 2021)

    Frightening to see how many posters here have been completely brainwashed by msm and the incessant fearmongering. Luckily, Morrissey has a mind of his own. Tremendous respect for the people in Hyde Park yesterday. The corona-restrictions have been disproportionate, inefficient and have done more...
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    Shoplifters Of The World - Official trailer

    No Twisted Sister-song then? How unfortunate :cool:.
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