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  1. Mozagoth!

    Simon Bird (Inbetweeners) 'can no longer listen to' Morrissey (January 27, 2023)

    I guess we can't engage with any form of art that isn't new and relevant? Because the ACTUAL average person not so long ago had views that blow Morrissey out of the water by current standards. I know people who grew up in the 80s who still associate Morrissey with being insufferably LEFT wing...
  2. Mozagoth!

    What song are you listening to right now?

    finally got round to listening to Ocean Rain by Echo and the Bunnymen in full today, pretty great. listening to this track right now
  3. Mozagoth!

    Thoughts on the 2017 Mozza biopic 'England Is Mine?'

    I appreciated these aspects, and there were some humorous moments, but they were littered too thinly for me. the pacing was rather abysmal and the film ending on effectively a cliff-hanger didn't help. it did have a good sense of place, but it ultimately did not delve into Morrissey's headspace...
  4. Mozagoth!

    Thoughts on the 2017 Mozza biopic 'England Is Mine?'

    i guess its the only part of his life they could make a film about without people questioning why the hell none of The Smiths music is used. it was particularly jarring for me bc i watched it right after watching the incredible Ian Curtis biopic 'Control' which is the absolute antithesis of...
  5. Mozagoth!

    Best ever lyric, any artist

    some of my favourite lyrics from a song Im currently listening to on rotation: The Sisters of Mercy - Alice "Alice pressed against the wall So she can see the door In case the laughing strangers crawl and Crush the petals on the floor [Chorus] Alice in her party dress She thanks you kindly, so...
  6. Mozagoth!

    The New Statesman: "Nick Cave: “I don’t think art should be in the hands of the virtuous”" - Morrissey mention (November 24, 2022)

    Nick Cave and Morrissey are two extremely blessed individuals and two of my favourite in music. and Cave is absolutely on the money here. If an artist has any responsibility, it is to be irresponsible. And not only does being correct not matter, but quite frankly the idea that Morrissey is even...
  7. Mozagoth!

    Thoughts on the 2017 Mozza biopic 'England Is Mine?'

    Thoughts on the film? Personally, I thought it was pretty bad, and that seems to be the general consensus, though I have seen some very positive reviews, too. I can't say I've read Morrissey's auto-biography yet so I can't vouch for the factual...
  8. Mozagoth!

    Morrissey Central "Another one bites the dust." (January 3, 2023)

    Mate I for one f***ing loved Low In High School and consider it to be some of his finest work. Bury The Living? Spent the Day in Bed? I Wish You Lonely? Home is a Question Mark? My Love I'd Do Anything For You? All 10/10 songs, and so is Jackie, too. and thats not even all the great songs on...
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