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    Montreal, QC - MTELUS (Apr. 29, 2019) post-show

    No video of the full Girl afraid performance yet?
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    What are your top 10 favorite male singers?

    How I feel right now (no order): Bruce Springsteen Bono James Allan Brett Anderson Michael Jackson Thom Yorke David Bowie Michael Stipe Conor Oberst Robert Smith
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    Sailor backdrop from 2009 tour inquiry - @RobertAtherto12

    Isn't this what you are looking for/talking about?:
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    This Ace Frehley song

    ...actually reminds me a little of The Smiths. Was a little surprised by that (even though it's probably not an influence for him). Anyone else who can hear it too?
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    Favorite song off 'World Peace Is None Of Your Business'?

    I don't understand the popularity of Kiss me alot in here. I like most of the song...except for the chorus. It just sounds so cheesy, or at least the part where the title is sung. I think main thing that makes it sound cheesy is that it starts with a 7th chord (almost out of nowhere). Another...
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    The Cure thread

    It's got The end of the world, Taking off and Before three on the setlist do I'd say it's from the The Cure days.
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    "Vauxhall And Us", a French tribute to Morrissey - out on May 26, 2014

    I like most of what I hear! I remember when I read the "You can hear that album all over the Bends" quote by Thom Yorke talking about Vauxhall & I that I couldn't quite see it, but the version of Lifeguard sleeping, girl drowning here on this tribute album sounds really close to something that...
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    New Wave

    So...what's the difference between New wave and New romantic? - - - Updated - - - Yeah, that's my view of it too.
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    An REM thread for r.e.m. stuff

    Does the full versions of the different arrangements (piano version, strings version...and so on I guess) for Man on the moon that are featured in the movie exist, and if so could someone share it with me? Thanks in advance.
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    An REM thread for r.e.m. stuff

    Thank you! =)
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    An REM thread for r.e.m. stuff

    Does a bootleg of the January 20 1995 show in Sydney exist? I would love to hear the live premiere of Nightswimming, so if anyone has this show (and the performance of Nightswimming in particular) and would be willing to share it I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
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    david morrissey

    Is that...Alexander Rybak there in the background...?
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    Morrissey's highest and lowest note?

    Does anyone have an idea on what Smiths or Morrissey song that has his highest vocal note in it, and the same for his lowest note?
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    Hayley Williams of Paramore in a Smiths t-shirt

    You seem to know a lot about this?
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    I know it's over from NYC October 13 2012?

    Does anyone have a good audio source for this? Have any bootlegs surfaced?
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    When was the last time he played

    Re: When was the last time he played... Thanks!
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    When was the last time he played

    November spawned a monster and Now my heart is full?
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    Best audio quality for each Smiths song performed by Morrissey?

    Oh, thanks! I did have a feeling someone might have done something like this before...I'll check it out, and I guess pick my favorites from there to start with. I appreciate any other suggestions on live versions here anyway though, so as I said feel free to add that.
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    Best audio quality for each Smiths song performed by Morrissey?

    What Smiths songs out of the ones Morrissey has performed over the years are available in professional quality (as in from official albums/singles/radio broadcasts/TV broadcasts and so on)? I'm thinking of putting together a compilation, and I think I need some help with this. I know that...
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