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    Morrissey Central "SKATEBOARDERS OF THE WORLD UNITE AND TAKE OVER" (October 6, 2021)

    Yes, he did. And then he wrote "Some girls are bigger than others" ;)

    Official Facebook Peter Katsis: Simpsons Responses (April 19, 2021)

    Yes, the whole band. But it´s better NOT to watch this.

    Official Facebook Peter Katsis: Simpsons Responses (April 19, 2021)

    Just saw the full episode. "The flesh that you cover with cheese is proof of your moral disease". I´m dying :ROFLMAO:. BUT don´t look at the Reunion-Concert around 17:00 minutes. Only american bullshit after that. Fat racist Morrissey eating flesh bla bla bla..... It could have been a great...

    Albumism review by Libby Cudmore: IANADOAC 0/5

    She's just a pathetic lonely, well, let´s call her a woman, who wants to make herself important. There are plenty of those. Worst of all, she has very little understanding of music. Or she's just stupid! Who knows?

    London - The SSE Arena Wembley (Mar. 14, 2020) post-show

    At least I will die with a smile on my face....after all ;-)

    Official Facebook Brief statement re: London gig (March 12, 2020)

    I just talked to Morrissey and he gave me the setlist for tonight. 1) The Queen is Dead 2) You´re gonna need someone on your side 3) First of the gang to die 4) Barbarism begins at home 5) Jim Jim falls 6) The more you ignore me the closer I get 7) Roy´s keen 8) Once I saw the river clean 9)...

    Cologne - Palladium (Mar. 9, 2020) post-show

    Morrissey has described the Cologne concert as "the most enjoyable concert of my life." I can fully agree with that. I was there and it was fantastic in any possible way, beyond imagination!!

    Cologne - Palladium (Mar. 9, 2020) post-show

    I made a view videos myself! Check out my Youtube-Playlist :-) A Playlist to save your life

    lower-case morrissey by Katherine Shook

    And if they say that MOZ is the devil himself walking the earth for destruction! I still DON´T CARE!! So why can´t all these assholes keep their thoughts to themselves and just PISS OFF!?
  10. GANGLORD06

    'I feel like I've been had': Morrissey's collaborators respond to his politics - The Guardian

    The more I ignore it, the farer it gets :) Only us, who who were there from the beginning can really understand what is going on in his mind. The World Won´t Change and that really pisses him of, I guess. I am german, and I can laugh about those "horrible" things he has said in the media. The...
  11. GANGLORD06

    Moz-Concert on ARTE Germany available until 4th January 2018

    The Arte-Berlin-Concert ist again available until the 4th of January 2018. Take care, Alex
  12. GANGLORD06

    Home is a place I dunno.....

    Home is a place I dunno.....
  13. GANGLORD06

    Morrissey on "Berlin Live" ARTE tv stream (Oct. 11, 2017) reminder / reports

    I cried when I first heard this song a few days ago. I guess this is the highlight of the new record. Hard to beat.......
  14. GANGLORD06

    Morrissey's jeans

    Hello :-) It may be a little off-topic, but can someone please tell me what kind of jeans Moz is wearing on his recents shows? And maybe where to get them? Thanks a lot from Moenchengladbach, Alex
  15. GANGLORD06

    Sizzy Rocket - "Morrissey" video features Smiths hook

    This pigshit isn´t worth one single comment. Look at that dumb bitches......
  16. GANGLORD06

    New BLACK Album I already ordered my copy 3:)
  17. GANGLORD06

    Alt-J - "Morrissey can support us"

    Name sucks, music sucks......and obviously this "Alt-J" isn´t very clever! Oh, and by the way , "J" stands for "Jerk" :-) Greets from Moenchengladbach/Germany Alex
  18. GANGLORD06

    "The world won't listen" - statement from Morrissey at

    Re: The world won't listen - statement from Morrissey, true-to-you 18th November 2013 I really hope you she will burn in hell, but before of course she should suffer in endless pain for what she did to all those animals. If she will ever show up in Germany, I promise, WE WILL MEET!! Till...
  19. GANGLORD06

    Why Anthrax’s Scott Ian absolutely hates Morrissey’s “Suedehead” - A.V. Club

    Sometimes it is just better to shut the f*** up. Anthrax?? Their music has the same effect to me like the so named disease!! Greets from Moenchengladbach :-)
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