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  1. jacktheripper

    Alma Matters and Tomorrow cassette tapes for sale

    I have one Alma Matters and one Tomorrow both on cassette tape format. I’m looking to sell or possibly trade. If you’re interested please send me a DM.
  2. jacktheripper

    Wanted Morrissey cassette tapes

    Thanks for the info. I’ll check and see if I have any luck on Facebook.
  3. jacktheripper

    Wanted Morrissey cassette tapes

    Of course for many years and until now.
  4. jacktheripper

    Wanted Morrissey cassette tapes

    Does anyone have a Roy’s Keen and/or Satan Rejected My Soul cassette tape for sale? I was outbid a few days ago on eBay while trying to win Satan Rejected My Soul. I hope someone has one of these two cassette tapes and are willing to sell them at a reasonable price.
  5. jacktheripper

    Morrissey cds for sale

    Okay... No worries at all.
  6. jacktheripper

    Morrissey cds for sale

    Is the MOZ puzzle still available? I’m very much interested in buying it from you. Hope to hear back from you soon,
  7. jacktheripper

    Morrissey bootleg CDs for sale: $10.00 each

    How’s the condition of the CDs? Any scratches on them? Do you still have That’s New Entertainment available and for sale?
  8. jacktheripper

    Morrissey CD bootlegs any interest ?

    I’m interested in Lowdown, Nothing to Declare but my Jeans, and That’s New Entertainment. If you have a number in mind pm. Sorry I’m no longer submitting offers. It’s just to much trouble for me.
  9. jacktheripper

    Hollywood Bowl - pit ticket for sale

    And this is why it’s so tough for me to go to a MOZ concert out here in Los Angeles. Tickets are so damn high in price.
  10. jacktheripper

    The Smiths cassette lot - Ebay auction ends tonight (CEST)

    I’d say €115 Euro at best. Nothing too rare is being offered on this lot of Smiths cassette tapes.
  11. jacktheripper

    Morrissey - 2 Lumps Please Mug any offers ?

    I had four of these mugs a few years back. Sold two for $30.00 US dollars each and sold one for $40.00 US dollars. I definitely kept one for myself. These don’t show up much. Originally sold in two shows during the 1990s in the UK. Then magically appeared in some North American Leg Tour of the...
  12. jacktheripper

    David Talaga back on eBay

    Check out the picture I just uploaded. It’s from David Talaga’s eBay auction.
  13. jacktheripper

    David Talaga back on eBay

    Seller is davitalag-0 I’m sure you will be able to find his eBay auction very easily.
  14. jacktheripper

    David Talaga back on eBay

    I just spotted David Talaga trying to sell all the Morrissey and Smiths CDs he claimed he had sold a while back listed on eBay. He’s asking $1,750.00 US dollars or best offer plus $20.00 dollars shipping within the USA. This guy really sucks at lying to us. He knows best to never bother me for...
  15. jacktheripper

    Rock Over London CDs for sale

    How much are you asking for this CD with que sheets?
  16. jacktheripper

    Most expensive TWWL cassette

    Thank you very much. Please message me there contact details soon. This way I can get a hold of them and ask what is available for sale and what’s the total price including shipping fee.
  17. jacktheripper

    Most expensive TWWL cassette

    Any idea who is the Indonesian guy that makes these homemade MOZ cassette tapes? Do you have their contact info that you wish to share? I like to reach out to him and buy some of these homemade MOZ cassette tapes.
  18. jacktheripper

    Most expensive TWWL cassette

    LOL.... I wish I knew the guy from Indonesia that makes them. I would buy them all at a dirt cheap price to add to the Smiths/Morrissey collection.
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