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  1. threllyp

    Morrissey Central "Roll On 2023" (December 23, 2022)

    Morrissey if you ever read these comments please take at least some of them in to account! Release your new work yourself and give the fans what they want. We've kept you here this long and we still have an appetite for the new music!! Releasing a 2 year album next year won't cut it I don't think :(
  2. threllyp


    Sam, if you're reading/watching/listening - please stop. You're ruining the reputation and career of your uncle who's worked so hard and meticulously to craft it to where it is today. These attention grabbing headlines really undermine the good work he has done, and is doing. Please stop
  3. threllyp

    Morrissey Central "And Another." (November 25, 2022)

    Thanks so much for sharing
  4. threllyp

    Morrissey Central "And Another." (November 25, 2022)

    How does the high Res version clear up the vocals so much? Surely the sort of phone effect on his voice was noticed by someone before they released it?!
  5. threllyp

    Post Millennial / Fiona Dodwell: "Morrissey and the misguided outrage of his critics" (August 29, 2021)

    Does anyone else think posts/reviews (use the word lightly) really undermine morrissey and his actual talent? There's not one single artist ever that has remained 100% throughout their career and that's ok. The latter years always tend to be worse than the early years but what's wrong with that?
  6. threllyp

    Morrissey's "Satellite Of Love" #2 (#1 last week) in Billboard's Hot Singles Sales chart

    I've just come across this and was shocked to see Morrissey sitting at number one last week. He's at two this week as you can see form the link below. I live in the UK so have no idea how this chart works but at a number one is a number one I suppose...
  7. threllyp

    The Wanted's new song vs Morrissey

    I heard this song today and it instantly reminded me of 'The Kids A Looker' by Morrissey - not the tune just the lyrics and the point of the song. What do you all think? Ol Mozzer ahead of his time or just two silly songs??!!
  8. threllyp

    YouTube cover versions

    haha i love the yodelling at the end of this one!
  9. threllyp

    Maladjusted Reappraised

    I've always thought maladjusted was one of his best songs lyrically, i always love his songs that are about something, other than 'the heart' or the usual stuff! (dont get me wrong, many of those sort of songs are brilliant). The last lines of that song to me are just pure class. Who else could...
  10. threllyp

    YouTube cover versions

    i always like listening to versions of morrissey/smiths songs that crop up on youtube. Came across this one today on the related videos, i think its actually half decent. Is there any versions of songs you have heard that you think are quite good?
  11. threllyp

    YouTube Discoveries Thread

    Morrissey getting hit in Liverpool video Jus thought i would post this for anyone who hadnt seen it, still makes me sick watching it now. Brings back the anger and disappointment! Felt like it was going to a good night too.
  12. threllyp

    Bootleg Vinyl Rips

    Thank you very much for these! Must have taken a lot of effort to put them all up. Im looking forward to hearing the liverpool one! :thumb:
  13. threllyp

    clearer video of Morrissey being hit

    This is the video i was taking right when morrissey got hit, i was a few rows away from the front, so you can see it quite clearly. Just a shame someone had to ruin it for everyone! i dont know how to embed the clip so i'll just post the link an someone can embed it if they want to...
  14. threllyp

    "Father Morrissey" Bootleg Halloween 2004 (320kps)

    It says 'every jammy British poet' doesnt it? Thanks alot for this by the way!:)
  15. threllyp

    Alt. Version of Sweet Pie

    What other ROTT edits do you have? I know of the 'Dear God...' edit and now this one, but are there any more?
  16. threllyp

    Radio 2 video footage

    im having trouble with the torrent aswell. :confused: Could someone with the full DVD please post a download link that doesnt use torrents?
  17. threllyp

    Morrisseys vocals - sounding a bit dodgy?

    It definately isnt as strong as it has been, its sounding very 'thin' instead of booming, if that makes sense!!
  18. threllyp

    Because of my poor educatio + Shame is the name

    Thank You for this I have been out and bought the CD single but havent got a record player so wouldnt be able to have heard this otherwise!:)
  19. threllyp

    Arms around Paris- the airplay thread

    ..Paris in radio 2's A-list playlist just checked the bbc website, and Im throwing my arms around paris is in the A list of the new playlist. Should get some decent air time now hopefully!
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