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  1. Dan133269

    1 ticket for Lokerse Festival (Belgium) for sale

    Hello all, Morrissey plays the Lokerse festival in Belgium on 4th August. I have 1 ticket that I am selling for cost price, i.e. 32 euro. Please PM me if interested. All the best. Dan.
  2. Dan133269

    David thrown out of Copenhagen show! Question?

    I'm shocked and appalled by Morrissey's actions. What is it exactly about Morrissey-solo that he dislikes so much, is it the comments by anonymous users insulting him and his band? How can that make him turn so savagely against the person who hosts the site in question? I just don't understand.
  3. Dan133269

    Lokerse Feesten 04/08/11

    After trying numerous times to book tickets through the official website, I eventually gave up and bought tickets in the Media Markt bricks and mortar shop on Rue de Neuve, Brussels. Ironically, the card that the official website constantly refused, was the 1 I used in the shop. It took 45...
  4. Dan133269

    Morrissey recording new Janice Long BBC Radio2 session today ~ Broadcast next week.

    Re: Morrissey recording new Janice Long BBC Radio2 session today ~ Broadcast next wee Boz just said on Facebook that there is no Street involvement with these 3 songs.
  5. Dan133269

    Lokerse Feesten 04/08/11

    anyone else having trouble booking tickets with that site?
  6. Dan133269

    Article: David Bret blog - "The Morrissey Solo Forum: You Don't Have To Be Intellectually Challenged

    Re: Article: David Bret blog - "The Morrissey Solo Forum: You Don't Have To Be Intell Hang on a second, David Bret strung a couple of hundred words togehter without throwing in random French words and phrases unneccesarily! Stop the presses! :eek:
  7. Dan133269

    Give me your 10 track Best of The Smiths

    1. The Queen Is Dead 2. The Boy with the Thorn in His Side 3. This Charming Man 4. Stop Me if You Think You've Heard this One Before 5. I Know It's Over 6. How Soon Is Now? 7. The Hand That Rocks The Cradle 8. Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me 9. There is a Light That Never Goes...
  8. Dan133269

    Threats for Smiths on 1984 Irish tour

    So were the threats The Smiths received from republican paramilitaries or loyalist groupings? Not clear in the title, not explained in article and I don't have the book! When I read the title I just assumed the threats were from the IRA seeing as The Smiths were English, but it makes more sense...
  9. Dan133269

    Threats for Smiths on 1984 Irish tour

    Very interesting. I never knew that about the run out groove saying "Eire". Shamefully, I don't have the Smiths albums on vinyl. You learn something new everyday. Thanks CollinsMick :thumb:
  10. Dan133269

    Favorite concert quotes

    haha it wouldn't surprise me either! My favourite quotes: "Don't let the bastards grind you down!" London Roundhouse 2008 addressed to the audience in general, "Until the flesh drops away, I'm yours, I love you" Manchester G-Mex 2006 "Is my dickie still straight?" London Palladium 2006
  11. Dan133269

    Morrissey & Smiths driving music?

    "That's how people grow up" :D
  12. Dan133269

    For any MMA fans

    Yes I was wondering would Morrissey be a fan of MMA given his interest in boxing. My immediate thought is that he would find it brutal but may warm to it after a while. Pure speculation of course.
  13. Dan133269

    For any MMA fans

    Don't think this has been posted before, but a nice little interesting fact I was recently informed about. Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy from Nottingham, England, a well known UFC fighter, is currently in a relationship with a lady named Elizabeth Holloway, who as chance would have it, happened to have...
  14. Dan133269

    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    I believe it may be a Property Consultants.
  15. Dan133269

    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    I phrased that ambiguously. Arthur Mathews in an interview with the Irish Times newspaper, mentions that he went through a strong Smiths period while he was working for Hot Press.
  16. Dan133269

    New Book of Essays on The Smiths (September 1st 2010)

    Re: lol I meant they will be the next and last books I will buy on the band! :guitar:
  17. Dan133269

    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    Father Ted writer Arthur Mathews mentions going through his Smiths phase when he was at music magazine Hot Press. About 2/3 way through the article.
  18. Dan133269

    New Book of Essays on The Smiths (September 1st 2010)

    I said I would never buy another Moz/Smiths book after Mozipedia, but I may just indulge with this. So it has a different perspective than that contained in the most popular Moz/Smiths books up to now?
  19. Dan133269

    Unreleased Demos & Instrumentals Youtube

    truly excellent! what a xmas gift! :) thanks :thumb:
  20. Dan133269

    Strangeways here he comes

    He'd love it. Dropping the soap, etc.
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