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    The Smiths 'Complete' (2011) White Label Test Pressings

    FYI these are now no longer available.
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    The Smiths 'Complete' (2011) White Label Test Pressings

    Hi Kevin, please send me a private message on here or via eBay with what you think would be a fair & agreeable price to you for both sets and we can discuss. I'm happy to end the eBay auction early and sending to Canada would not be a problem or too expensive (about £50 i think). Many thanks
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    The Smiths 'Complete' (2011) White Label Test Pressings

    Hi, I have a full set of 180g white label test pressings from Rhino/Warners 2011 'Complete' release available. There are 10 albums in total including 4 doubles. Full info on the eBay listing. I've...
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    Have-A-Go Merchant 1995 UK promo-only 7"

    Hi In case anyone is interested i have a copy of the Have-A-Go Merchant promo 7" from 1995 available for sale on eBay. Selling some records to make a bit of extra xmas cash! Auction ends at midnight on the 30th. Cheers
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