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  1. masterrhodes

    Is your other half a smiths/morrissey fan?

    My wife and kids HATE him. They will not give it a chance. My wife said he sounds gay so now that is all I hear from my kids. It would be great she loved him like I do. Plus, I sing it all the time and they say it drives them crazy. Lately I have been obsessed with his music.
  2. masterrhodes

    What Happened to Morrissey? Part 2 - read on

    Re: What happened to Morrissey? Discuss First post and negative at that. I also disagree. I think ROTT is one of his best. He seems to always come up with something cool. There is anoter post going on right now where you have to pick your least favorite Morrissey album. That is hard as hell...
  3. masterrhodes

    Meat Is STILL Murder!

    I love meat. Maybe I should watch it. I don't understand vegetarians.
  4. masterrhodes

    Test Your Avatar Here

    I am writing legislation that will change the world as you know it. Testing.
  5. masterrhodes

    best start/best end

    I want to start from before the beginning Maladjusted-start Disappointed-end This is the last song I will ever I changed my mind again...aww...goodnight and thankyou
  6. masterrhodes

    Is Morrissey a blood relation of Jesus Christ?

    You know, Morrissey would find this post pathetic. He is THE artist and an amazing poet but he would not be ok with this. Just ask yourself...WWMD?
  7. masterrhodes

    Do you masturbate.... thread

    Re: Do you masturbate to Morrissey in The Smiths or Morrissey as a solo artist? How old are you? This is the whole reason I'm conservative. People like you ruin it for everyone. I promise I won't read another of your post.
  8. masterrhodes

    What age is everyone and how did you get into Morrissey / The Smiths

    32. Was hooked as soon as I heard Meat Is Murder album.
  9. masterrhodes

    What's your favourite supermarket?

    Heard of FoodLion? USA man. Good beef.
  10. masterrhodes

    Who would you want to cover a Morrissey song?

    How about Robert Smith doing Swallow On My Neck:)
  11. masterrhodes

    its your funeral song

    What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.
  12. masterrhodes

    The Smiths Have Reformed - See Link!

    OMFG!!!! Does anyone know if they will tour the states?? I might have to get a plane ticket for this. Thanks for posting this man!
  13. masterrhodes

    Ringleader Of The Tormentors Survivor - PART SIX!!!

    Should've been "On The Streets I Ran"....when will it end??
  14. masterrhodes

    Where do you hail from?

    Of course we know! I just wanted to be a little more specific. Not rigging whatever that means.
  15. masterrhodes

    Where do you hail from?

    Of course we know! I just wanted to be a little more specific. Not rigging whatever that means.
  16. masterrhodes

    New Fans - Old Fans

    I read an article that said Morrissey was very interested in his new fans. Especially the younger ones. It said he was amazed to find the younger audience interest in him. Don't worry what any fan thinks and read up on his interviews to see the opinion that matters most;)
  17. masterrhodes

    Where do you hail from?

    Vote Other The USA with Morrissey!
  18. masterrhodes

    and my current favorite off Ringerleader is....

    I hated that song at first also. But after listening to the lyrics it is now one of my favorites.
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