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  1. London By Night

    Reading Books With The Lights Out

    I've just finished reading 'The Bell Jar' by Sylvia Plath, a semi autobiographical first person account of a woman's descent into depression and suicide. It's really shaken me to the core. I had never read any of her work before and knew very little about her. I have found it hard to read...
  2. London By Night

    What will Barack Obama make of The Smiths?

    Things are starting to change somewhat in music now, which is maybe to do with the age of easy access to music over the internet. People can check out things more easily and, over time, will become more eclectic and far reaching in their tastes. A good example is Santogold. She is a black...
  3. London By Night

    Mercury Music Award 2008 Shortlist.

    That's not a bad list. I hope The Last Shadow Puppets win. That is a really strong album, beautifully orchestrated and a real grand slam for popular music. I play it to death!
  4. London By Night

    The Ting Tings; yes or no?

    Even though I'm a big fan of the Ting Tings I have to agree that the Long Blondes have really got it going on. Now, there's a great band. I saw them live recently and I was just blown away. Kate Jackson has presence, charisma, the voice, the whole jolly nine yards...and as for fashion sense...
  5. London By Night

    Kate Moss + Morrissey = WTF

    I just did...had a few minutes to kill. I did it nicely though and advised them to Google Image the words 'Smiths' and 'Rank' to verify my claims just in case they think I'm a random nutter :)
  6. London By Night

    The Ting Tings; yes or no?

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Tickets have been bought for the upcoming tour and I am giddy with excitement at the prospect. They rock. Good catchy songs and a sexy, charismatic, stylish lead singer. What more could you ask for? It's got to be better than Hot Chip, hasn't it? Now, they suck...
  7. London By Night

    Girlfriend in a Coma meaning?

    'Girlfriend In A Coma' is an affectionate and brilliantly realised pastiche of the 'Death Disc' genre that was popular in the 1960's, complete with the trademark dramatic music and narrative style lyric. Both Morrissey and Johnny have gone on record expressing their love of 60's teen pop music...
  8. London By Night

    "Let Me Kiss You" - sung by me

    I've just watched both of your performances and I was very impressed. You sing and play beautifully. I was mesmerised by 'Let Me Kiss You'. In this environment it's refreshing to see someone being so truthful, revealing themselves not only visually but also something of who they really are...
  9. London By Night

    Marc Almond - Live Boots

    I have it. Would you like an MP3 disc or regular CD? PM me to let me know.
  10. London By Night

    Morrissey on Mr.P. Doherty

    Ask most people in Britain who Pete Doherty is and they'll know straight away. However, ask them to sing one of his songs and you'll draw a blank. I think Morrissey does make a valid point here. I don't think Doherty's relationship with the press is courted, though. Sometimes the papers just...
  11. London By Night

    Marc Almond - Live Boots

    I don't have any bootlegs but as you know Marc does film his concerts and there may be another live DVD issued soon. I think there's one of his recent stint at Wiltons (in E1) in the pipeline. He was on really good form and I'd love to see that show again. Marc issues bootlegs of a sort via...
  12. London By Night

    Sandie shaw request

    Just sent it to you now. Let me know if it doesn't get through.
  13. London By Night

    Sandie shaw request

    PM me a broadband e mail address and I'll send you an mp3.
  14. London By Night

    Moz's most romantic lyrics/lines/words/meanings

    This wee young fellow also had a hit with the song in the 1960's. Good voice!
  15. London By Night

    Most remarkable, ground-breaking and original moments!

    ...and "Incestuous Love" by Barbara, a very obscure French song that's been translated into English. I'm amazed these songs get published!
  16. London By Night

    Amy Winehouse's pubes.

    I think she's great. Love Amy! She's even got TWO packets of fags in her back that's being prepared!
  17. London By Night

    Most remarkable, ground-breaking and original moments!

    "Death Of A Disco Dancer" - whether a drug fuelled death by misadventure or a murder (the lyrics are vague) it was a brave choice for a song at a time when all the ravers were beginning to 'turn on' and live recklessly. Acid House was only one year away at the time of its release and this song...
  18. London By Night

    please, please, please let me get what i want

    Congratulations on your marriage! A proficient musician may be able to either play the song by ear (if you give them a copy in advance) or at least transpose the chords into a version of sorts via the keyboard. Best of luck for the Ceremony, sounds like a grand idea :)
  19. London By Night

    Most remarkable, ground-breaking and original moments!

    "The Queen Is Dead" taking anti Royalist sentiments into the top ten album chart...the Sex Pistols had done it too, but this was something else entirely. "Barbarism Begins At Home" domestic violence tackled head on, a very unusual choice for a pop song in 1985. "Asleep", singing about...
  20. London By Night

    Morrissey Portrait

    Well, the buyer's happy anyway. The feedback reads, "Wonderful Ebayer, great communication and fast delivery. Highly recommended A++" Takes all sorts, eh? :)
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