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  1. lilybett

    Anyone got a cheap ticket to sell for Manchester, 22nd May?

    Hello, have had a look on ebay, those jokers are takin t'piss. Our mate wasn't as quick off the mark as Sister Steve and I, and we're after a ticket for her to come with us. Anyone want to help some Sisters out?
  2. lilybett

    what time has he been coming onstage???????

    a) we don't wanna see the support acts b) we're meeting old school chums first for drinks and wanna maximise time with them c) i've always arrived at 9-9.30 before but now i'm worried cos we managed to miss half of Take That by assuming they, too, would come on at 9.30! so please could...
  3. lilybett

    pubs near the roundhouse

    hahaha WHAT?!!! :p
  4. lilybett

    pubs near the roundhouse

    i will be drinking the afternoon away in The World's End, which was my second home during my uni days in giddy scumdun. i am 'CITED to be going back and hope not a thing has changed! it's dead opposite camden tube.
  5. lilybett

    Radio 1 recording of THPGU request

    request: that's how people grow up limewire's doing my 'ead in, has anyone got this? radio 2 played it last night and i can't get it out of my head :)
  6. lilybett

    What song/s are you obsessed with at the moment

    Billy Bragg - Sexuality :D
  7. lilybett

    Morrissey fans in Leeds, anyone?

    pass. i don't think i've been into leeds since ...the smyths in ...july. f***ing hell. ahhh the night we met jamie and bob hope! good times.
  8. lilybett

    Morrissey fans in Leeds, anyone?

    near leeds there is/was a smiffs night in leeds... the fenton?
  9. lilybett

    New NME Morrissey interview???

    don't get me wrong, i worship morrissey but he's a pompous arse and he's not as clever as he thinks he is and i think he's too used to being surrounded by fawners i aren't buying the f***ing NME but i had a flick through it in tesco and couldn't believe some of the stuff he was saying -...
  10. lilybett

    Anyone know anymore dates

    Re: Regional U.K. dates? OH, I do hope so. A trip to London will be 'citing (and perfectly timed, just after student loan payments!) but yer can't beat seeing Morrissey in Manchester. :D Wait, i know what would be even better than manchester morrissey: live at the head of steam...
  11. lilybett

    This is the view from the Roundhouse balcony

    i dunno what sort of tickets steve's got us frankly, i don't really mind. i'm just happy to be going! i'm going to be shitfaced and on the hunt for russell brand and jeremy vine anyway :p
  12. lilybett

    Engerland failed to qualify

    GREAT ta! Woke up to the news that a Morrissey ticket was mineminemine and then heard about the football!! :D How are you? Haven't talked to you for time. Have you got tickets?
  13. lilybett

    the official what london show are you going to poll

    the world's end was my second home when i lived in giddy london :o i, too, am going to have to go in for a pint or eight
  14. lilybett

    Engerland failed to qualify

    HARHAR!!! Germany to win. Just cos I know that's what this country's unfailingly charming football fans would want. Viva Deutschland.
  15. lilybett

    What song/s are you obsessed with at the moment

    Turin Brakes - Timewaster I am driving my housemates mad with it.
  16. lilybett

    Best 60s artists

    No way, José. She might only be famous for Puppet On A String/bare feet. But she was a purveyor of pop music of the highest quality and is also my style icon. It breaks my heart when the hairdresser never knows who the photo's of. :(
  17. lilybett

    Best 60s artists

    It is Sandie Shaw and don't any of you forget it.
  18. lilybett

    Top 10 Favorite Bands or Singers

    *The Smiffs Morrissey Echo & the Bunnymen Sandie Shaw Lily Allen The Organ The Cure Hole Half Man Half Biscuit The Divine Comedy *this list is subject to change on a weekly/daily/...hourly basis
  19. lilybett

    Morrissey look-alike, Mark..something

    Is this the one I successfully used "lemme kiss u" on at a post-gig disco in brickhouse? if so, i have been waiting..err...all my life to rekindle this romance of the century!!! <3
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