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  1. Stephen

    Morrissey spotted at The Thomas House in Dublin (2 photos)

    Whether it has yet or not, Guinness is going vegan this year: And no that is not Action Bronson
  2. Stephen

    Bournemouth - Bournemouth International Centre (Mar.14, 2015) post-show

    It was a pretty fantastic evening. The opening songs got things going very nicely. There was a little bit of a lull around the middle of the set but the World Peace songs aren't really made for a bouncing crowd. I did feel that the new songs were slightly less well played than when I saw him...
  3. Stephen

    Paste Magazine - Meat Is Murder - 30 years later

    I actually really like this front cover.
  4. Stephen

    Morrissey and his links to paedophiles? - thecolemanexperience

    I haven't read the comments but I am disgusted that trash and false accusations that are clearly unsubstantiated made by a troubled individual are considered as Morrissey news. For that reason. I'm out. Truly so low.
  5. Stephen

    Kick Neal Cassady Down The Aisle

    Below are the first couple of lines (basically) of all 12 WPINOYB songs in order, arranged as some sort of poem. Why? Because we can: World peace is none of your business You must not tamper with arrangements Neal Cassady drops dead And Allen Ginsberg’s tears shampoo his beard Don...
  6. Stephen

    Article: "World Peace Is None Your Business" [10 Inch Vinyl Indie Exclusive] 4 track EP released (Ju

    Re: Article: "World Peace Is None Your Business" [10 Inch Vinyl Indie Exclusive] 4 track EP released Do you mean if bought online or for someone in the UK to send it over? If it is the former, I don't think HMV sell online anymore and if it is the latter, I dunno.
  7. Stephen

    Article: "World Peace Is None Your Business" [10 Inch Vinyl Indie Exclusive] 4 track EP released (Ju

    Re: Article: "World Peace Is None Your Business" [10 Inch Vinyl Indie Exclusive] 4 track EP released If anyone is interested...They have the 10" EP in HMV in the UK for £5.99, plain white sleeve and the 4 songs available everywhere else. :)
  8. Stephen

    WPINOYB Customised Tracklistings

    So has anybody fiddled around with the tracklistings? I have, the extra tracks are so good that I have tried to incorporate them into some sort of double album of dark and light: Morrissey - Smiler With Knife 1. Neal Cassidy Drops Dead 2. Smiler With Knife 3 World Peace Is None of Your...
  9. Stephen

    Favorite bonus track off "World Peace Is None Of Your Business"?

    One of Our Own is just stunning. To echo though, all of these are great and we are so lucky to have such a high volume of songs of such high quality.
  10. Stephen

    "Forgive Someone"

    In the bleachers you set with your legs spread, smiling "Here's one thing you'll never have" The above makes me think that this is about somebody he was at least slightly openly, sexually attracted to at some point.
  11. Stephen

    Favorite song off 'World Peace Is None Of Your Business'?

    I won't say too much other than that I am in love with the album already after my 3rd listen. We have so much quality here, the B-Sides/Deluxe extras are fantastic as well. Of the songs that made it onto the album, the ones that have really stuck with me as early favourites are Neal Cassady...
  12. Stephen

    WPINOYB fan art

    Re: WPINOYB fan art! Did this a while ago, I know it should be Art-houndS.
  13. Stephen

    Favorite song off 'World Peace Is None Of Your Business'?

    Zomg. Cracked out a beer to celebrate - watching it download (whether it be something useful or useless we shall see). I am internally orgasming right now. Don't worry gang, of course I will be buying the CD, even if it was a pile of something or other. Gotta a feeling it's gonna be...
  14. Stephen

    Morrissey Solo or The Smiths

    If you could only listen to the catalogue of music from Morrissey solo or The Smiths (and the other could never be heard again), which would it be? :eek:
  15. Stephen

    The next single: Istanbul - May 21st

    Just downloaded via Upon first listen, this is my review: Lyrically wonderful. Musically mesmerising. Rich, rich sound. Aggressive, but melodic - dream like. Takes you away to another place. His voice is a cradle. Morrissey's best song in a decade, without doubt.
  16. Stephen

    "WPINOYB" (Deluxe Version) tracklisting on iTunes/NZ (6 extra songs)

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. So perhaps it is Istanbul rather than Bullfighter that will be imminently released? So far, from the sounds of it, there has been no dud in the 4 tracks that I have heard - all be it they are live renditions or a wee snippet like this. The sound...
  17. Stephen

    Spoken Word Video: Morrissey 'The Bullfighter Dies'

    Also, so glad that this seems like it will be the next release - it's an absolute killer of a pop song! Should get all kinds of radio play, all kinds...
  18. Stephen

    Spoken Word Video: Morrissey 'The Bullfighter Dies'

    Love these videos. Keep em coming Moz, you suave bastard.
  19. Stephen

    "World Peace Is None Of Your Business" pre-order bonuses (select countries)

    Yeah I'd imagine that will happen - if it is a success. If anything, these gimmicks have almost persuaded me to just illegally download the extra tracks! But in the main, I'm sure they will all make a bit of a killing by doing it this way, so fair enough!
  20. Stephen

    First actual Morrissey tweet according to rep

    Re: Official Morrissey Twitter account reactivated Unbelievable. :eek:
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