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    'I’ve Been Dreaming Of A Time When...' statement; "For Britain" support - Morrissey Central

    I despise racism. I despise fascism. I would do anything for my Muslim friends, and I know they would do anything for me. I like how early he gets in "but some of my best friends are..."
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    Morrissey on Norway Massacre/Fast Food Companies - Bigmmouth Strikes Again

    Re: your an idiot, morrisey. It's quite idiotic to misspell you're too to be honest.
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    Morrissey on Norway Massacre/Fast Food Companies - Bigmmouth Strikes Again

    I don't expect anyone to get this explanation, it's just soul mathematics, a weird topic. I really had no idea Derek Acorah was a Morrissey fan.
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    Morrissey on Norway Massacre/Fast Food Companies - Bigmmouth Strikes Again

    I think these days he only comes out with this crap so he can feel persecuted for what he presumably thinks is his remarkable wit. But the truth is he's become an offensive old bore. In anyone's book, this is hugely insensitive. Okay, maybe his point makes sense in some logical way, but...
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    Stop giving out about the band murdering This Charming Man

    Ok, I get the argument that it's a deliberately different style, it's what he/they want to play, they're putting a different spin on it, etc etc. But this arrangement is the musical equivalent of your slightly sad uncle getting a stud in his ear to keep himself looking cool. The bar has...
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    Stop giving out about the band murdering This Charming Man

    I have a feeling in five years time there'll be people here defending Morrissey's decision to appoint Status Quo as his backing band. Because that's where he's heading. Morrissey hasn't just rested on his artistic laurels -- no, he's collapsed headfirst through them into a sea of dirgey...
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    So...does ANYONE like the new songs?

    I haven't posted here in ages but was moved to do so by the new songs. Just when I thought it couldn't get worse than the lazy, pub rock affectations of 'Years of Refusal', Moz has found a way! Soooooooo, sooooooo bad.
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    Morrissey on Guardian

    I think there's a little bit of delusional thinking going on... "Oh! Well, he's a very clever man, I think he was was invoking the Latin prefix sub in a zeugmatic sense when placing it next to the Chinese to remind us all of our common human duty to be kind to animals." The fact is he's...
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    Years of Refusal is utterly brilliant

    I feel the same about this album as Maradona. Lyrically it's ok, and I think his voice sounds wonderful on YOT, but the musical formula is sounding pretty old hat now. "Someone is Squeezing...", "All You Need..." and "I'm Ok by Myself" almost sound like pastiches of how to write textbook...
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    Marriage. Discuss.

    Quite. In my case: Linda Robson - no Pauline Quirke - undecided Lesley Joseph - undoubtedly
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    A new solution for the age-old music downloading problem?

    I know the for/against music download debate has been done to death, but what do you think? I used download loads of music illegally in my late teens at the height of the P2P craze around 2000, but now I tend to try and buy everything (notwithstanding bootlegs etc). I'd be in favour of...
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    Rumours of gene reunion

    Alas there is no truth in the rumour of a Gene reunion. It's a nice thought though!
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    Rumours of gene reunion

    I always found it funny how Gene fought hard to make in an era of mindless lad-rock, being written off wrongly as Smiths-wannabes by mindless lad-rock music critics. And now... you can barely move but for shy, sensitive, oh-so-self-deprecating bands that generally aren't half as good as Gene...
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    Moz calls gig off after 3 songs!

    The most sad I've ever felt after a gig. I feel sorry for Moz, he would never have wanted it this way. However, what really fouled my night were the two morons from London in front of me. They were livid when Ross, Walliams and Brand came on stage to cancel the gig, and expressed their...
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    Shaking Moz's hand....

    Has anyone shaken his hand in an off-stage setting? As in meeting him backstage or bumping into him in the supermarket. I'd like to know what his 'official' handshake is like, rather than the reaching-for-the-fans sort of handshake, if that makes sense. They say you can tell a lot from a...
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    Crap Bands

    Actually, I just thought of another reason to hate Muse (as if there aren't enough): Their cover of Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGGHGHGHGHGAHHGAGGAHHG! :sick: Sorry to remind people of that.
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    Help please concerning the divine comedy

    I'm not entirely sure of the video you're referring to specifically, but I'll bet it came from the bonus DVD that came with some versions of the album. It's an interesting view that documented the making of the album. Maybe try Amazon or eBay?
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    What do you think of 'That's How People Grow Up'

    It's alright, nothing more. The cowbell is irritating. :(
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    Crap Bands

    I hate: MUSE - A-level music wankery with a voice I can't stand for more than a few nanoseconds. It's basically for 15-year-olds who think shoving 12 bars of Rachmaninov into a rock song makes you a musical genius; when in fact it makes you a berk. THE STEREOPHONICS - I just wish the...
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    The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 218: WHY DON'T YOU FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF?

    I love everything about this song. The understated production, the strange 'oooh' backing vocals, the lyrics, Morrissey's voice, the atmosphere of it all. 10
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