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  1. emmanuela_7

    Sacked by Morrissey support group

    That's surprising considering that he received the keys to Tel Aviv and everything. What were the problematic remarks about Jews in Autobiography? I didn't see any but I might have missed them.
  2. emmanuela_7

    Kick the bride down the aisle - what's it like?

    I have to say I agree to a certain extent. I don't mind misanthropy and I don't think there's any necessity for any positivity in his lyrics. However, I can't stand the misogyny in this song. I'm not sure what the message is in this song. Is it just a critique of marriage? Of heterosexual...
  3. emmanuela_7

    Morrissey at the Rolling Stones concert in Los Angeles (May 3, 2013) - photos posted at Zimbio

    Re: Singer Morrissey arrives the 'Rolling Stone' concert at The Staples Center in Los The first thing that I thought when I saw this picture was: It's Father Jack dressed as Elvis again!!!!
  4. emmanuela_7

    Edinburgh, Scotland - Usher Hall (July 30, 2012) post-show

    Sorry to hear you had that experience! I arrived there at 4pm and actually because there was no queue, I went to Nandos and was only waiting outside the door from 5:30 onwards. The first people that got let in were the ones from that "list" (that first door opened first), but I was first in line...
  5. emmanuela_7

    Edinburgh, Scotland - Usher Hall (July 30, 2012) post-show

    Agreed!! While she was singing "It's so difficult to be typical", she was holding my hand and looking straight into my eyes for quite a while! :D I was not familiar with her music but I was blown away by her powerful performance and her voice which reminded me of Kate Bush. Will definitely...
  6. emmanuela_7

    Exchange ticket for Edinburgh

    I have a seating ticket for Usher Hall (section GCIR, row F) which I would love to exchange for a seating ticket! I am desperate :P Anyone? I would also like to ask whether anyone knows if it is possible to still on in the standing area with a seating ticket. Thank you!
  7. emmanuela_7

    Does your taste in music get mocked alot?

    Yes! I don't really get mocked for liking The Smiths, but I get mocked for liking Morrissey solo, the Stone Roses and for Pete Doherty. I also get mocked for liking bands that are not very popular like The Chameleons.
  8. emmanuela_7

    Official Birthday Greetings Thread

    Happy birthday you sexy thing!!:D you're doing very well!! have fun and enjoy today
  9. emmanuela_7

    The Queen is Dead (Remastered & Loseless)

    I can understand scottish! :p
  10. emmanuela_7

    What lyric describes you today ?

    The choice I have made may seem strange to you But who asked you anyway?
  11. emmanuela_7

    May 22nd Birthday Show...

    2500 dollars for Morrissey??!! wow! :eek: and my sister thinks I'm crazy coz I want to travel from one side of Greece to the other (I'll be in Greece in July anyway) to see Morrissey for the second time (I saw him in Glasgow too) and I need to spent money on hotels and transport. I think he...
  12. emmanuela_7

    why does moz treat his fans like shite ? - discuss (or blindly defend)

    he does not! bear in mind the fact that he's 50 years old and we know that he is not the healthiest person... I mean we know he doesn't exercise and I don't know if his diet is that healthy. touring must be really tiring and he has to sing every night. give him a break
  13. emmanuela_7

    Why does Moz get sick so often?

    He needs more protein, iron and omega 3 :p
  14. emmanuela_7

    Greece dates added 18 & 19th July (sadly seems not happening)

    Re: Greece dates added 18 & 19th July How valid is that? I'll be in Greece in July :D:D haven't seen that in any other webistes or anywhere else... has no info on that definitely going if it's happening though! :D
  15. emmanuela_7

    I am in love with Morrissey what can I do?

    I'm in love with him now that he's 50. what can I do?
  16. emmanuela_7

    Name one thing Morrissey has done for you

    He turned me vegetarian and he made me accept and love myself :)
  17. emmanuela_7

    Years of Refusal Has Leaked

    not sure if this has been posted here before. I just found it as a torrent! :) I'm downloading it now to see if it's a good file. seems allright though
  18. emmanuela_7

    The Official My Ticket Has Arrived Thread

    yeah, mine were from ticketmaster (standard post) and they arrived today. don't worry, you'll get yours too ;)
  19. emmanuela_7

    The Official My Ticket Has Arrived Thread

    me too! :D im so happy. hope I dont lose the tickets till the 7th of May! lol
  20. emmanuela_7

    Girls Aloud; are they actually quite good?

    They have some good pop songs but they can't dance AT ALL! if you see them onstage they just stand there looking pretty. (not sure if they mime or sing) and that nintendo ds advert really annoys me!! they really need to learn how to dance though.:p
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