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  1. Stuheff

    ​B​radley Steyn -

    Careful... It can play hideous tricks on the brain...
  2. Stuheff

    ​B​radley Steyn -

    I don't enjoy the forum. That's why I stopped interacting with this site. What I like about this site and admire about David and the mods, is the news and information it delivers about an artist Who's creations I enjoy and their constant resilience in the face of obscure abuse from the artist...
  3. Stuheff

    ​B​radley Steyn -

    1st post in 100 years, but I have to say it Morrissey is an horrific human being to those that support him. He is a c***.
  4. Stuheff

    Morrissey apparently signed at WME (William Morris Endeavor) agency

    Re: Book deal? They also have Johnny Marr on their roster.
  5. Stuheff


    Its because some people associate it with Oppresion - see the scots that call it hte Butchers Apron, historically inaccurate. And im afraid anyone who knows their History knows that Flag had little to do with oppression. It has been hijacked over time and whenever someone tries to take it to...
  6. Stuheff


    No, I cant agree with that. I remember arguing with people at the time (leftist types I was at school with) about the fact that an Anglo Irish singer picks up the Union flag - the flag of his birth nation and waves it is not racist. It is a show of strength to the cretins who abuse that flag...
  7. Stuheff

    My Dad's a Smiths fan

    Well hes my Cousin, and while his impersernation skills are questionable, I thought the song itself was quite clever and witty... 2 traits sadly, mainly, lacking in modern pop music. And its only a bit of a dick around, which is why I like it even more. Stu
  8. Stuheff

    Bring it back to dear old blighty...

    The only other footy song I've always liked is World In Motion for the 1990 WC, but then again it was written by New Order my second favourite band of all time. :thumb: 2nd favourite band eh? who's the first? :)
  9. Stuheff

    Bring it back to dear old blighty...

    Why ashamed? Embarrassed/annoyed/Non-plussed I can understand, but I don't comprehend why I should feel ashamed by this? Can you help?
  10. Stuheff

    Will The Smiths ever reform?

    Who's Julia? Morrissey's Gay girlfriend?
  11. Stuheff

    Starsuckers - the film we were meant to be in!

    Chaps, you weren't drinking in the Devonshire arms by any chance? It's my works local! How did the veggies cope with the meat pies and sausages on the bar!! And also the harridan landlady who serves 1 person every fifteen minutes!! I dunno I get Boz Boorer taking his mum or lunch at my local up...
  12. Stuheff

    David Cameron on Morrissey

    I could not have put it any better myself. Marvellous rational post Qvist. And true.
  13. Stuheff

    David Cameron on Morrissey

    Evelyn Waugh, who was she? Arf.
  14. Stuheff

    David Cameron on Morrissey

    Will the Smiths Ever get back together?
  15. Stuheff

    Spurs look to Moz for hope

    As a huge Spurs Fan and Moz fan, this is my perfect article. Thank you for posting, and Spurs will piss fourth, as Citeh will choke at the Lane. Wheres monsiuer Jukebox Jury these days, he'll no doubt agree with this insight.
  16. Stuheff

    David Cameron on Morrissey

    This could go on forever... Or it may all end tomorrow... in which case we all doomed... ...To paraphrase...
  17. Stuheff

    David Cameron on Morrissey

    Re: Dave Rowntree of Blur has a go at David Cameron Judging by this thread and finally this comment from the erstwhille Blurite 'Rowntree'. Looks like im not allowed to be a Smiths or Morrissey Fan anymore. Better go away and stick to reading my Private Eye and crank up the Pip Collins...
  18. Stuheff

    How many of you are vegetarians?

    I was now im not, and i still really dont like the idea of killing for food. But thats something I have to live with until I change. Which makes me a hypocrite, but then at least I have plenty of company.
  19. Stuheff

    It's Hard To Walk Tall When Youre Small

    Ringo is used as a Metaphor as the feeling is that Ringo was not the best drummer in the world and without him the Beatles would have still been the Beatles - if it werent him it would have been Pete best, if not Pete best, then someone else and Lennon and McCartney would have drivent he band...
  20. Stuheff

    Are you depressed?

    Im not but i am remarkably dressed...
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