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  1. Rob32

    South With Morrissey (2000) MP4

    I've uploaded it to YouTube. Dunno if it'll get taken down, hopefully not. If the original person who sourced the video would like credit, let me know and I'll add your info to the listing.
  2. Rob32

    South With Morrissey (2000) MP4

    I've re-uploaded it, should allow you to download without a subscription. New link is
  3. Rob32

    South With Morrissey (2000) MP4

    It wont let me download without buying a membership. any ideas?
  4. Rob32

    Question Looking for early version of YATQ songs

    This is a good version of the 2002 I Like You
  5. Rob32

    Best debut album

    Some of my fav debut albums.... ABC - The Lexicon of Love Suede - Suede U2 - Boy All cracking albums, up there with the best of their back catalogues.
  6. Rob32

    Morrissey Central RINGLEADER DELUXE ! (July 17, 2020)

    I think BMG have previously said theyre planning to reissue YATQ, Ringleaders and Years of Refusal. So hopefully all three will get some extra goodies
  7. Rob32

    Thelma Houston: “The Enduring Diva Of Divas” - Instinct Magazine (Morrissey mentions)

    It’s great to see Moz mixing things up by having other singers on his tracks, but I’d like to hear a version of Bobby with just Moz on. Hopefully one will surface on a deluxe version of IANADOAC.
  8. Rob32

    The Daily Mail review by Adrian Thrills - IANADOAC 3/5

    I believe it was a 3 star review. The 4 star one is for another artist.
  9. Rob32

    London - The SSE Arena Wembley (Mar. 14, 2020) post-show

    That’s a great set list. I much prefer to hear new songs and bsides etc than just the big overplayed hits (Suedehead etc).
  10. Rob32

    Mporium UK: new T-shirt additions (11 September, 2019)

    the pink one would look a lot nicer with just the image without the text obscuring it.
  11. Rob32

    Morrissey Central: Lady Willpower / Rainbow Valley - delayed (22 August, 2019)

    The photo is nice, but the font, colour and layout of text is HORRIBLE. What are they thinking. Looks like it’s been knocked up by a 10-year-old. Also, why is one song capitalised (Rainbow Valley) but the other isn’t (Lady willpower), that’s sloppy proofing.
  12. Rob32

    Morrissey NY pre-sale sold out; travel packages available - @officialMoz / Twitter

    I can understand why he sees it as a hateful online creche, as it seems to attract people who slate him all the time, which I find bizarre. Whether he likes the site or not doesn't affect whether I want to visit it, I visit the site to keep up to date with Morrissey news, photos, etc., but could...
  13. Rob32

    Morrissey NY pre-sale sold out; travel packages available - @officialMoz / Twitter

    I can understand fans commenting on this forum and being a unhappy about certain parts of Mozzer’s views/music/etc. But I can’t understand why anyone who genuinely hates Morrissey would bother coming here just to leave scathing comments? It’s just saaaaaad. There’s plenty of artists I dislike...
  14. Rob32

    "California Son" track listing posted on Morrissey Central

    There’s lots of negativity on here, but personally I’m really looking forward to this album. The covers on the Low In High School deluxe album were great, so I’m defo up for some more. I dont know many of the songs on Calafonia Son, but thats a good thing - I’d rather hear covers of obscure...
  15. Rob32

    "California Son" track listing posted on Morrissey Central

    I like the tracklisting. Good to see its more obscure tracks and not covers of songs that have already been covered to death.
  16. Rob32

    Morrissey interview in Estadão - WPINOYB re-issue, new album to be recorded; confirms California Son

    If ive read that correctly then theres not just the covers album coming soon but also another new studio album? Is that right? First time Ive heard news of the new studio album.
  17. Rob32

    "Low in High School" (Deluxe Edition) vinyl - sleeve and tracklist at Amazon

    Has Blue Dreamers Eyes had an offical release somewhere?
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