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  1. withmyheadonthebar

    Celebrity big brother 2010

    Sov is gay and Sisqo is bi, by all accounts.
  2. withmyheadonthebar

    Dark Liquor Makes For Worse Hangovers

    I just have a couple of glasses of water through the evening. That way I can do two bottles of red wine and only have a bit of a fuzzy head the next day.
  3. withmyheadonthebar

    Longpigs vs Gene

    I prefer Gene, but Longpigs had some good songs.
  4. withmyheadonthebar

    indie record shops at Liverpool and Manchester?

    There's a good one in the Northern Quarter called Piccadilly Records.
  5. withmyheadonthebar

    S&G - New Years Day?

    We will be there!
  6. withmyheadonthebar

    In appreciation of the band The Organ

    The Organ were tremendous.
  7. withmyheadonthebar

    Redundancy talk

    I was made redundant in May and was lucky enough to get another (much better) job straight away. Thing is, it turns out my boss is an arsehole and now I think this job might be in jeopardy. Ain't life grand?
  8. withmyheadonthebar

    Observer article 29/11/09

    I was more offended by the very weak subbing in the standfirst than the article itself, to be honest.
  9. withmyheadonthebar

    The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 246: IT'S NOT YOUR BIRTHDAY ANYMORE

    9 from me. It's just that little teeny-tiny bit not as good as Speedway, Life Is A Pigsty and There Is A Light (my 10s).
  10. withmyheadonthebar

    Morrissey slammed for glamourising suicide

    I can honestly say that when I attempted suicide, it had nothing to do with the opinion of some bloke whose music I liked listening to (not even Richey). Perhaps the papers could use this as an opportunity to debate the reasons for suicide and what society could do to help? But of course, that...
  11. withmyheadonthebar

    Why was nowherefast944 banned?

    Can I just say - and I don't mean to be rude - that while I think Kewpie gets more stick than is really required, posts like the one in the 'how do I change my username' thread don't really help, do they? Maybe people would get less annoyed if she was less abrupt. And I say this as someone who's...
  12. withmyheadonthebar

    Women Should Show 40% Of Their Bodies For Men

    You're quite right. You were also quite right with the way you phrased it the first time round!
  13. withmyheadonthebar

    what is your fav song in realtion to sex

    "Oh, she was my catatonic sex toy..." What are you saying, Bored? :D
  14. withmyheadonthebar

    Women Should Show 40% Of Their Bodies For Men

    *lowers head* *backs out of thread*
  15. withmyheadonthebar

    The Official I'm A Celebrity...2009 thread

    I think I would still care, but... slightly less than I used to.
  16. withmyheadonthebar

    NME calls Morrissey "...a petulant little child..."

    The NME had hired a barrister to argue the case, because I was working for a legal publisher at the time and it was on the barrister's upcoming cases.
  17. withmyheadonthebar

    Would you ever cry at a Morrissey show?

    Many a time. Not so much lately, though.
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