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  1. madmoza

    You Are The Quarry US LP (NM) trade for UK LP

    Hi Hi mate, private messaged you!!👍
  2. madmoza

    Vegas Shows in jeopardy (actually not)

    I have a wee suspicion things ain't good with Moz & Boz?
  3. madmoza

    You Are The Quarry US LP (NM) trade for UK LP

    Would you consider selling?
  4. madmoza

    Hi I was chatting with you a while back but never completed buying from you, I got covid really...

    Hi I was chatting with you a while back but never completed buying from you, I got covid really bad and I am suffering from long covid. Sorry if you thought I was ignoring you. If you still have items to sell let me know.
  5. madmoza

    Wanted: signed CD’s / vinyl

    Hi how much for years of refusal signed album?
  6. madmoza

    Christmas pressie?

    Hi, i'm looking for any Morrissey signed albums (vinyl) if anyone is interested in selling let me know. Preferably in good to excellent condition.
  7. madmoza

    Moz should do a covers record

    There are some fantastic songs by Charles Aznavour I would love to hear Morrissey sing. No not the corny tunes, but some of the lyrics of his lesser known songs are truly breathtaking!! Also I'd like to see Morrissey sing some Anthony Newley songs too!!!!
  8. madmoza

    Liverpool, one week on feelings

    1984 The Smiths played a small venue in Glasgow......the idiots who were there spat on him and threw beer bottles at the stage. He told them plainly that the concert would be off if it continued. It stopped!!A year later at Barrowlands a few idiots again threw cups of lager at Morrissey..... he...
  9. madmoza

    Best venues to see Morrissey

    Read it and weep.......GLASGOW BARROWLANDS!! Even matt Walker was blown away and is quoted as saying it's the best venue he's ever played!! The place is a temple for any gig!!
  10. madmoza

    some news

    Guy's a WANK!!
  11. madmoza

    Req: 7 - 8 May 2009 Glasgow Barrowland

    The tone of your reply intrigues Glasgow not allowed to be a special place for him? I have been to every concert Morrissey/The Smiths have had in Glasgow and the surrounding area. Let me tell you, he values the response he gets from the Glasgow crowd every time. I would even say that...
  12. madmoza

    Req: 7 - 8 May 2009 Glasgow Barrowland

    Have to say that for a VERY special town close to Morrissey's heart there is a sincere lack of bootlegs for Glasgow. Does anyone have the recent Thursday night gig? Friday will do too. Anyone...............
  13. madmoza

    Some fans are just plain jealous of Julia's relationship with Moz!!!

    Sorry but Julia does NO FAVOURS with the fans. She sat front row at a concert I was at....I was two rows behind. About 10 mins after we took our seats these two girls walk along the front looking for their seats. low and behold Julia and was sitting in one of their seats. She told them that they...
  14. madmoza

    why does moz treat his fans like shite ? - discuss (or blindly defend)

    As a 40 year old ardent Morrissey fan since hand In Glove was released eon's ago, I was really saddened by the way myself and five others were treated last week after the Thursday night Glasgow Barrowland gig. we waited at the side door in the rain for over an hour.....waiting for him to leave...
  15. madmoza

    Spear of Destiny

    Saw them twice at Glasgow Barrowlands...............fantastic live! One Eyed Jacks has to be one of the most under rated album ever. World Service was a great album too!! So few SOD fans around these day's!
  16. madmoza

    Peepholism and Autographed Framed Photo For Sale

    Have got Peepholism in FANTASTIC condition for sale and a A4 sized glossy photo with Morrissey's autograph (certificate of authenticity provided) any serious offers considered may do a deal for both.
  17. madmoza

    It's crunch time for Morrissey...

    I think a lot of you guy's have missed the point. THPGU has been on the web and on these forums since June 2007 so it was not a NEW song. You will probably find that it was Decca who wanted to get a greatest hits compilation out there.....remember back in the rough trade days of The Smiths, it...
  18. madmoza

    Heres The Mobile Wallpapers

    Heres All Three Just Click To View> What Do You Think?
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