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    "I can't even remember what it was like being in The Smiths"

    I don't think Johnny Marr is a particularly humble person.:D
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    Why Morrissey is dead to me

    Is he a tax exile? He seems to spend an awful lot of time in this country if he is. Don't tell the tax office!
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    Possible Inspiration for Panic?

    It's exactly the sort of film he'd be influenced by and that's what artists do, bring together different ideas in order to create something new.
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    Where does Morrissey live abouts?

    See, told you. He lives with his mum.
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    Where does Morrissey live abouts?

    With his mum these days I suspect! :D
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    Information regarding EMI catalogue - TTY

    It's just a moan about record companies is all. :) I don't think there's any hidden meaning.
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    Morrissey can't bloody act!

    I think Morrissey is very bad at saying "no" to people in person. He probably said yes to Walliams and then had to find a way to back out of it.
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    Morrissey can't bloody act!

    There's no contradiction in him being able to sing and not being able to act. I'm sure we've all got things we are confident about and other things that we can't possibly imagine ourselves doing.
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    Morrissey can't bloody act! :D
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    If The Smiths had never existed, could they break through in 2010?

    GaGa is a logical extension of the pop starlets of the last ten years. Anyone who thinks she is outrageous needs to get out more. She is totally calculated. A more surprising female popstar would be someone who's never worn a basque and wears flat shoes.
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    Why was Gary Day fired in 1994?

    too much drink and drugs leading to unreliability that didn't seem so difficult :)
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    Johnny Marr vs David Cameron

    Probably a good thing. That would have just come across as Morrissey being the usual animal rights one tracked mind obsessive rather than any left/right politicial statement.
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    Johnny Marr vs David Cameron

    4 articles in the Guardian so far on this today hailing Marr as a hero of the left (hmm, not so sure about that when you look at The Smiths royalty split). I somehow doubt there'd be the same response if Morrissey had said it!
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    I think Morrissey was well aware how his reflecting the skinhead culture back to skinheads would be taken. I doubt very much he expected to be accepted by them or wanted to become one of them. No one is more aware of their own image as him and I don't think he'd been under any illusions about...
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    Stephen Fry

    Hmmm, I don't think he's being quite as honest as he could be, as he says exactly the same things he's claimed he hasn't said in this two year old video!
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    Chinese government prepares to ban eating dogs and cats

    I really don't see the difference between eating a dog and eating a pig.
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    More details on new Smiths book

    Will probably depend on who he interviews. You get the people most keen to "tell all" about The Smiths are often the ones who weren't anywhere near where it was happening at the time.
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    Morrissey is NOT racist

    I think it's a problem with some extreme animal rights people in general. They are always invoking the holocaust. It's like such language becomes second nature to them.
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    Morrissey is NOT racist

    I'm not a racist, but the only evidence other people have of that is that I don't keep making racist or xenophobic comments. If someone keeps making such comments even their most devoted fans must surely start to wonder. Perhaps he's just thick and doesn't understand using Nazi terminology...
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    Boz Boorer: cool for 'cats: return of the rockabilly guys
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