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    funeral thread!

    I am sure I spotted a while back a thread about what morrissey/smiths song would you choose to play at a funeral, but I cant find it now, i have searched and put in the word funeral but no specific thread realting to it came up.. is there one?? or does one need starting? I got to have...
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    moz on canvas

    sorry for the 'news' title but it wouldn't let me just post a title as usual there is a a shop where we live that sells paintings, canvas's, etc etc and my brother went past it the other day and phoned me to say that he thought he had seen a picture of Morrissey in there as he was driving...
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    sacha distel

    come on!! all those people asking about the sacha song, it is on loads of threads,, sacha is an icon and moz obviously rates him.
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    I am very excited for tonight- gmex! cant wait. wonder how it will fare to the birmingham concert? see you there//
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    12 days of xmas!?

    anyone got a thread of the lady singing (i think) 12 days of xmas before the shows? i saw it in birmingham and i couldn't hear it properly but it looked and sounded hilarious,, it was a drag queen singing and getting more and more drunk by the minute..
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    i want tickets for gmex 23 dec

    i have been on ticketmaster phoneline and it says sold out but when i went online it said available.. i want standing this time ( had seated for nia birmingham), any help pliz?
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    yes it's true! i have never been to a morrissey concert before!!

    i am sooo excited, stupid question but what should i expect?
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