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  1. nickster

    Las Vegas, NV - The Colosseum at Caesars Palace (July 2, 2022) post-show

    Quick question. I was at the first two shows. I noticed an upright bass on stage. Was it ever used in any of the songs? I didn't notice it being played and if it wasn't does that mean there was something on the potential set list that wasn't played???
  2. nickster

    Las Vegas, NV - The Colosseum at Caesars Palace (July 1, 2022) post-show

    First time at a Morrissey concert and what a concert it was! Fantastic performances from an incredible tight band, and Morrissey with really strong vocals and in fine form. And to top all of that we got to hear 6 new songs from the, as yet, unreleased album. Every new song was a winner in my...
  3. nickster

    Going to see Morrissey for the first time, help

    No, I am going to Caesars Palace for 2 nights running (July 1 & 2). Why do you think he will play more Smiths songs? (personally, and I know I am probably in a minority here, I prefer his solo work). Excited that there might be some new songs from the new album which never seems to be released!
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