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    The Suede thread for Suede things

    Suede absolutely rocks!! Give me some more Whipsnade please!!!!!
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    I started listening to a few of Marr's songs

    I can ASSURE you that this is no troll thread unless you're a troll and you happen to be on my thread!! I've been listening to Morrissey since 1989 so go crawl back under your rock somewhere. I own all of his music going back to The Smiths, of course and I love it all. I tell my Alexa Studio...
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    I started listening to a few of Marr's songs

    OMG, they suck! They aren't in the same stratosphere as The Moz and I am not being biased. Sure I love Morrissey and all of his work but there is nothing catchy about Marr's songs, I'm sorry to say. I tried to like them or even tolerate them but they are just bad, in my humble personal...
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    Brooklyn, NY - Kings Theatre (Nov. 30, 2022) post-show

    Y0u smoking the hashish mate? NY is the entertainment capitol of the world not to mention the greatest city of all of the rest. The Moz even said so in his show tonight. Get a grip wanker.:crazy:
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    Brooklyn, NY - Kings Theatre (Nov. 30, 2022) post-show

    Yes he mentioned that the record will be released when the audience will no doubt all be in their mid nineties................
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    El Cajon, CA - The Magnolia (Nov. 14, 2022) post-show

    Where's Julia? Has she retired from touring with The Moz?
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    Off-topic discussion thread / moved as clogging other threads

    I followed many of your posts and you're just a negative fool. Why don't you just jump like Jim Jim and do us all a favor.:crazy:
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    Why didn't M work with Damon Albarn

    He should have worked with Michael Stipe and R.E.M. when he had the chance. Now that's a brilliant collaboration!!!!!
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    "An Evening with Morrissey" November / December US tour dates showing on Ticketmaster; on sale this week

    Can anybody point me to a site with the best price on 1 ticket to the November 30 show in Brooklyn in Section 2 rows A-K. My budget is $200 max give or take with fees included. Thanks in advance........
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    Morrissey isn't where it's at

    Are you out of your mind? This is a Morrissey forum. Get your bullocks out of here if you don't worship the very ground that he walks on......Pumping up The Moz as I type this!!!!!!!
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    Happy birthday Morrissey - Morrissey turns 61 - May 22, 2020

    A warm Happy Birthday to my favorite soloist of all time and the coolest Crooner ever!!!!!!!!
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    Morrissey Live 1995 Brixton Academy, London

    This show seems like yesterday......
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    will NYC happen?

    Say it ain't so Corona Sun of a Bitch!!
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    Cologne - Palladium (Mar. 9, 2020) post-show

    AWESOME!!! baby j rocks!!!! What a setlist, love it.
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    Poll: Best Morrissey 2020 song

    Can't wait to go to the world famous Apollo Theater in NYC for the first time to see my favorite Crooner on Earth!!! Mozzer here I come........
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    Billy Bragg: There's no way back for Morrissey

    Who gives a shart what his political views are. I want to listen to his music period, the end!!! Who he endorses or what he chooses to do behind closed doors is HIS RIGHT!!!!! All of the political B.S. is just that, B.S...............Go back to sleep Billy Bum!!!
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    California Son - #3 preorder on Amazon UK

    Pardon my ignorance.....Will "California Son" be ALL covers or will it be mixed in with a few new tracks? Thank you in advance.
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    Back on the Chain Gang video?

    Amy you must be a real stunner.....:eek: Anyway my intentions are extremely innocent, I'm sorry if my post came off as anything but. I was just wondering if there was any other work that they have been involved in that might be of interest to me, that's all. Kind of like wanting to hear more...
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    Back on the Chain Gang video?

    Thanks FWD. I assume that if there are any Moz Fans who might be in the know, they would come from this site.:thumb:
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