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    Wanted - single ticket for either Johnny Marr LA show

    If anyone has an extra to either night, please let me know.
  2. J

    Wanted - 1 Vegas GA Floor Ticket

    Please get in touch if you have a spare for sale. It is easier to reach me directly via email at [email protected] Thanks!
  3. J

    Wanted - 1 ticket to St. Paul July 13th

    I need one ticket. I am willing to pay over face, or work something out for you. If you are following the tour, I could give you a place to stay. I can also trade one of the autographed Years of Refusal records from the 2009 tour.
  4. J

    Remainder of US tour cancelled due to Morrissey's respiratory infection

    Re: Tour cancelled This is my preference. Come to America, play a big show in LA and NYC and maybe one or two other markets. Or if he prefers the intimacy, plays 3-4 nights in each market at smaller venues. Play a hometown show in Manchester at least once a year. Travel and hit other...
  5. J

    Extra Pair For Tonight's Birthday Show (Can Send Via E-mail)

    I will accept payment via Paypal sent as a gift (to avoid fees) and I will e-mail the tickets to you. The total cost for both tickets is $105 The seats are in Terrace 16a Row 7 Don't message me on here. E-mail me directly at [email protected]
  6. J

    San Diego concert update

    I was only able to get Terrace as well despite trying multiple searches. Did anyone have any different luck with this or in the pre-sale?
  7. J

    More Tour Dates For 2011??

    Re: What are the odds this tour will make it to the US? Where did you hear this?
  8. J

    mewithoutYou covers Bigmouth Strikes Again

    I went to one of the mewithoutYou holiday shows the other night, and they covered Bigmouth Strikes Again. I recorded it on my cell phone if anybody would like to check it out.
  9. J

    Denmark Roll Call

    Nah I will not be in Copenhagen. Nobody is doing Odense, eh?
  10. J

    Germany Concert Dates

    Re: Germany Concert Dates – Bremen 2 available for tonight I am just looking for one. Are you able to sell a single? Or, is there anyone else out there who is just selling one?
  11. J

    Refusal LP sold on the current tour

    I would imagine that they would still be around for the Brixton gigs
  12. J

    Germany Concert Dates

    I am in Koln now by the train station. Is anyone meeting for any pre-gig festivities?
  13. J

    Wanted:Moz/Lakai shirt

    Great shirt, I remember when it came out....but I have never seen it anywhere.
  14. J

    Denmark Roll Call

    Odense on the 15th Copenhagen on the 17th Who's going?
  15. J

    Germany Concert Dates

    No I was not able to score one just yet. Sistasheila has been a sweetheart in trying to get me one, but me not having a cell phone or steady internet access makes things tough for me. But I will see you tonight!
  16. J

    Germany Concert Dates

    Re: OFFENBACH Pre-/After Does anyone have an extra ticket for Offenbach, Koln or Bremen I could buy?
  17. J

    Single ticket wanted for Offenbach, Koln and Bremen

    Anybody selling any single tickets?
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