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  1. coneyislebaby

    San Diego, CA - Pechanga Arena (Oct. 6, 2019) post-show

    Forgot to ask- anyone that attended the recent shows know the name of the song/video he plays beforehand of a man walking down the streets with a group of young people? It’s in black and white. I loved it!
  2. coneyislebaby

    Morrissey pictured in Marfa, TX (24 September, 2019) - Morrissey Central

    Sure do. He still has quite a bit, and I’m glad he isn’t dying it pitch black like Marr as if he’s still 23. Anyway, it’s all a matter of opinion and I’m sure Moz could care less what we think of his hair, anyway.
  3. coneyislebaby

    Morrissey Funko now available from Hot Topic

    Amoeba Hollywood has ‘em in store only :handwaving:
  4. coneyislebaby

    Morrissey on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" (May 13, 2019) - reminder / reports

    Jesus, these comments on his appearance are awful. Listen and enjoy his music (or not) and shut up. Im sure everyone talking trash is a perfect 10?
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