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  1. Frank Shankly


    If I play it twice and it still has no standout tracks of any note to me, then I don't see why I should waste my time with a third play. I am talking absolutely no tracks held my interest. None. So to me, I am not likely to bother to try and force myself to like something I don't care for.
  2. Frank Shankly


    Think I have played it twice. I was shocked at just how bad it was. Not in any hurry to ever play it again. One of his absolute worst efforts in my opinion.
  3. Frank Shankly

    The Herald - Trying to look cool by refusing to sell Morrissey's album is not cool at all by Mark Smith

    If Moz was still a media darling, despite his views, that record shop would stock the record as it would be flying off the shelves. Lets not pretend that they actually think they are doing folk a great moral service here. They probably assume his fanbase is growing ever smaller and don't think...
  4. Frank Shankly

    Why It's Time To Ditch Your Morrissey-Loving Friend - The Quietus

    Reader meets author and duly slaps him with an old rolled up copy of Look In.
  5. Frank Shankly

    First look at 'Shoplifters of the World' film - Variety

    You possess the ability to rhyme, good for you. However, your original post is still not a fact.
  6. Frank Shankly

    "Matt Walker of Morrissey" to play Strange 90's benefit concert (Chicago, Mar. 8, 2019)

    Naked Raygun are a tremendous band. Would love to see them play live again over here in UK. Bring back the free shit too
  7. Frank Shankly

    Johnny plays " old favourite. The old favourite"

    And you know this how exactly? Don't just make up stuff to fit your own bullshit narrative. Remember your opinion is your opinion not fact. Now run along and take a f*** off tablet...
  8. Frank Shankly

    New Balls Please: The Case Of The Missing Balls - Peter Katsis via Morrissey Official FB

    The covers, work is a four letter word and golden lights were both absolute crimes against humanity in my opinion
  9. Frank Shankly

    Cure interview in Irish Times mentions Moz

    You clearly have not witnessed Andrew Eldritch on stage over the last 25 years or so.
  10. Frank Shankly

    Johnny Marr interview in Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant; mentions Smiths split

    I watched an interview on youtube, yesterday, with Marr and he said he was f***in heartbroken when he was forced to leave The Smiths. The youtube video is only a matter of weeks old I think and was something to do with Radio X. Dont know how many times I have either read or watched conflicting...
  11. Frank Shankly

    Producer Steve Lillywhite shares career nuggets at Canadian Music Wk (Moz mention)

    Wasnt it Lillywhite who hated Morrissey's voice and said he could not sing when they originally worked together?
  12. Frank Shankly

    Johnny Marr new single "Hi Hello" calls back to 'instinctive sensibilities with its jangly guitars'

    I must admit I am warming to Marr's voice. I like this track a lot and I am looking forward to the new record. Enjoyed his last two solo albums. His guitar playing just makes me happy
  13. Frank Shankly

    Study shows Smiths fans are “neurotic"- Pitchfork, BrooklynVegan, NME articles

    I never understand why people spend time compiling this kind of thing. I have never ever found a single person who only likes or listens to one singer or band. We all listen to hundreds of different artists. This kind of crap is about as useful or as worthy as trying to convince folk that...
  14. Frank Shankly

    Morrissey's 'Viva Hate' Turns 30: How His Solo Debut Predicted His Post-Smiths Career - Billboard

    I must admit I have always found this song really really dull. I almost always skip this track when listening to this record as I find it incredibly boring. Similarly, I do the same with Paint A Vulger Picture on SHWC. Never liked either of them.
  15. Frank Shankly

    Classically Smiths - details following cryptic tweet in MEN article

    Maybe some people need to calm down and judge this after we have heard it, not before. Kind of reminds me when I first heard about The Smiths Project by Janice Whaley. I wasn't at all sure. After I listened to it I was well impressed. It's not The Smiths it's something else
  16. Frank Shankly

    "Low In High School" enters at #5 in UK album charts

    Wonder what chart placing it would have achieved if everyone had purchased only one copy? Moz absolutely takes the piss with all these multiple releases. I know you are not forced to buy them all but he knows very well that there are fans that will buy every version to complete the set.
  17. Frank Shankly

    Mark Morriss (Bluetones) discusses Morrissey/The Smiths

    The Bluetones, I have yet to hear a song of theirs I found even vaguely interesting. He is entitled to his opinion regarding the drumming on Smiths songs however he is completely wrong.
  18. Frank Shankly

    "Low In High School" review by Stephen Troussé in Uncut (5/10, Dec. 2017)

    I also like Kill Uncle. Much rather listen to that than the last 2.
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