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  1. mr.m

    Hold onto your friends 7' promo

    This isn't mine btw
  2. mr.m

    Morrissey meets with Elektra Records president and Zack de la Rocha

    Since when has Zack de la Rocha been with that job title?
  3. mr.m

    Morrissey spotted at Grammys party at Sunset Marquis

    Just look at that chest.. IT'S SUPERMOZ!!:D
  4. mr.m

    Priority ticket / t-shirt bundles now on sale at Mporium

    I just got off the phone to sandbag after a bit of confusion regarding my multiple T shirts sizes, while I had them there I asked if I could maybe have a different style to the barber shop as my second shirt. After waiting on hold for a few minutes the lady told me that it wasn't possible...
  5. mr.m

    What album are you listening to right now?

    Dean Blunt - Black Metal
  6. mr.m

    Morrissey UK shows in March 2015; on sale Jan. 16

    OdysseyArena in Belfast on 24th ;)
  7. mr.m

    Morrissey - Live At Summer Sonic festival - 2002

    Hey all, I recently stumbled across this, I haven't seen it before.. I'm not too sure if the video of the gig has been posted here already or not? Anyway, enjoy! :guitar:
  8. mr.m

    ALO! (Serbian tabloid) mentions skin cancer rumor

    "Mine is melenoma" - it's always been pretty clear to me from that lyric that M's Cancer is of the skin.
  9. mr.m

    So I'm in Kraków, found this on M's tour bus this morning

    What's Jessie's middle name?:lbf:
  10. mr.m

    Paris - Grand Rex (Oct. 27, 2014) post-show

    He looks so fking happy at the moment :)
  11. mr.m

    Morrissey’s 1984 Single Reviews From Unearthed Smash Hits Are Perfect - Stereogum (by James Rettig)

    Re: Morrissey Smash Hits Singles Reviews 1985 - via Sterogum Very funny indeed! Thanks for posting
  12. mr.m

    Euro Tour Merch

  13. mr.m

    I have a copy of The Smith Best II LP for sale with a few hrs left on it

    You might be able to grab yourself a bargain as it's finishing at a slightly shitty time And there's a T Shirt for sale too for those interested...
  14. mr.m

    Morrissey in Portugal photo

    Is he growing his hair out at the back?!
  15. mr.m

    CELL Phone Uploads DAILY

    On the walk back from the pub last night I came across this 1950's council house with an Escort RS Turbo and Sierra in the driveway. Very 90's and very Dagenham Dave- I am only about 20 miles from the place mind. These characters still exist where I'm from.
  16. mr.m

    Liz Kershaw chats to Tony Visconti BBC Radio 6 music
  17. mr.m

    Morrissey part of heroes cotton shirt print, is this the first time he's in fashion?

    Is that Benny Hill 2pac and Morrissey on the same shirt!? lloloolo
  18. mr.m

    Confirmed 2014 tour dates; seeking label to issue "World Peace..." - TTY

    Krakow tickets shipped! That was one quick turn around :)
  19. mr.m

    What did make you smile today?
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