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    California Son pre release

    It's leaked.
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    Wedding Bell Blues available April 8th - SER & Morrissey Central

    It's not going to be available until after its first play on Radio 2 in a couple of hours.
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    Three brand new Morrissey songs to be released on 7th December

    Yes, completely agree. Like the guitars on this. It's the best of the three. Bass is very prominent in these tracks.
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    Three brand new Morrissey songs to be released on 7th December

    No hidden classics, I'm afraid. To be fair, I've only had the most cursory of listens so I'm sure they'll reveal themselves fully upon further listening. Nothing amazing, nothing God awful.
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    Three brand new Morrissey songs to be released on 7th December

    Just listening to the new tracks now: Lover To Be - vaguely untypical song where Morrissey announces himself to some (un)lucky recipient that he is, well, their lover to be. Might not be Thursday, might not be Friday but soon he'll have you his way. Never Again Will I Be a Twin - the operation...
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    "Low in High School" (Deluxe Edition) vinyl - sleeve and tracklist at Amazon

    A nice compromise would be the inclusion of a download code with the vinyl which a lot of releases currently do.
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    ColdWar Steve first sale features Morrissey

    What's the significance of Phil from EastEnders? That's hilarious.
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    "Low in High School" 2 LP Deluxe Reissue (Dec. 7, 2018) details; press release

    The recent recording sessions were for a forthcoming covers album, we're they not? And, therefore, the tracks on the LiHS reissue are additoonal to that or am misunderstanding?
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    "Back On The Chain Gang" single - UK release date announcement imminent

    Thanks and I'm sure we'll have official word 'imminently'.
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    Johnny Marr slams "Classically Smiths" in Mojo interview

    He didn't need to be Dave Lombardo, did he?
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    All UK/European gigs postponed due to "logistical circumstances beyond our control" - management

    Yep, the trusty culinary standby - the Thewlis Mushroom Thumbing technique.
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    All The Young People... 7" single & t-shirt bundle available to pre-order - Mporium (UK)

    Generally, I think people know that buying music involves spending money.
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