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  1. Mad Vespa

    Perth, Scotland - Perth Concert Hall (June 15, 2011) post-show

    Dear Morrissey, It worked, I'm veggie again - well done ;) Brilliant gig, cannot wait for Dunoon. Love x
  2. Mad Vespa

    Perth (15th June)

    It's why I never join a conversation on this site ... why, why, dismiss your hero?! i do not get it. Perth was brilliant - it was Mozz, we were there, we got some great stuff and some not amazing stuff but FFS, we got Morrissey. I do not understand how anyone came away disappointed if...
  3. Mad Vespa

    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    Ahh me old pal Alex - he's a genuine good guy :)
  4. Mad Vespa

    So it looks pretty dead here now

    Re: So it looks pretty dead here now.... In a nitshell, yup. There is no such thing as free speech. I left for over a year because I was being 'edited' or warned on my comments. I was never offensive but often opinionated - what's that all about?!!
  5. Mad Vespa

    Someone stole a million dollar watch from a baby

    Re: Someone Stole a Million Dollar Watch from a Baby! Sick bastards. The parents not the thief.
  6. Mad Vespa

    Dreams of Morrissey dying

    NOOO!!! Not on my birthday - it would be sad for ever :(
  7. Mad Vespa

    where is the old guard?

    This is all truly pathetic - many people come here to meet like-minded souls who 'might' understand their varied perspectives but really all they read is put-downs, slaggings, negativity and bitching. It needs to stop - seriously. I am trying to include younder people in my appreciation of...
  8. Mad Vespa

    Tips on searching, as to avoid re-posts

    3 months ago Dave .... nobody tells me to back off twinkle ...
  9. Mad Vespa

    My encounter today at Spankey's Adult World

    I have a cleaner (one a fortnight) who empies all my bins - the one time I got something quirky from a website they noticed the packaging ... mortal!
  10. Mad Vespa

    Tips on searching, as to avoid re-posts

    I think you've been undressed as much as intelligent people need to see. Perhaps stepping down is required in order to maintain the decent level of the site?
  11. Mad Vespa

    I thought I had seen rude but damn!

    Wow! It's like having a conversation with my mother.
  12. Mad Vespa

    What song by Morrissey would you choose for your funeral/memorial service?

    ... another lovely day and I'll meet you at the Cmnetry Gates ....
  13. Mad Vespa

    she opened her heart to a sheepskin tearaway

    I'm assuming a skinhead - the sheepskin refernce and the fact he;s a 'tearaway' = bit of a terror. ?
  14. Mad Vespa

    Hey Mauve, Great name BTW - so is your end of the line quite quiet? Mine too, I can go a while...

    Hey Mauve, Great name BTW - so is your end of the line quite quiet? Mine too, I can go a while before I meet good, receptive ears! How are things for you - would chatting online help any? I found a great pal via MySpace two years ago and she became a real crutch for me through a tough time so I...
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