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  1. robert

    Omega Auctions: October auction contains potentially unheard material

    Gonna be a few disappointed big spenders with these auctions. Besides the HSIN intrumental it looks like all of this stuff has either been officially released or leaked. Eden studio is mixing of the debut album. The half a persons "remixes" are just changes in S/N. Ask remix is the official...
  2. robert

    Low in High School slipcase CD

    Anyone have a spare to sell? Please PM. Thanks!
  3. robert

    An REM thread for r.e.m. stuff

    Here ya go:
  4. robert

    Cliff Richard to play free New York show to make up for Morrissey cancellation (June 21, 2014)

    Classy move! Way to show respect to your fans who spend hard-earned money to watch live performances. Somebody could learn a lesson from this...
  5. robert

    The Smiths Rock Band 3

    There weren't 13 songs. The were: Stop Me This Charming Man (DLC) Irish Blood, English Heart (DLC) The multi tracks were on here for a while
  6. robert

    Solid Center Smiths 7"

    More like solid center MORRISSEY 7"
  7. robert

    Autobiography Audiobook - Free download

    Thanks Dave, I did the same thing and got the Audible DL. It plays for me through iTunes but it won't transfer to iPhone...but DL through the Audible app worked fine.
  8. robert

    Morrissey Years Of Refusal RIAA Award

    That album didn't sell anywhere near 1M in the US.
  9. robert

    Morrissey at the Rolling Stones concert in Los Angeles (May 3, 2013) - photos posted at Zimbio

    Re: Singer Morrissey arrives the 'Rolling Stone' concert at The Staples Center in Los It doesn't look like he enjoyed the show...
  10. robert

    Morrissey Live at the Hollywood High School (EAGLE VISION ANNOUNCE)

    Is this physical media or programming for TV channels? Looks like the stuff that's shown on Palladia HD
  11. robert

    Morrissey at Aviva Stadium, Dublin (Mar. 26) - photo with Robbie Keane posted on FAI Twitter

    So that's what double pneumonia / anemia / bleeding ulcer / Barrett's esophogitis looks like. Shame I wanted to see him play this weekend in Atlanta
  12. robert

    FS: 2 Tickets to Atlanta Cobb Energy Centre 3/30/13

    2 tix for Atlanta Cobb Energy Centre 3/30/13. They are in row B of the Grand Tier (nice seats behind you). Selling for face value ($100) and shipping. Can also hand-deliver at the show. If interested please PM.
  13. robert

    Article: Staples Center NOT going entirely vegetarian for Morrissey according to blogdowntown report

    Are people going there for the fine dining or to watch a concert??? Goddamn what's important is the music not the fast food options at the venue.
  14. robert

    "Viva Hate" Wool Hall Final Mixes Sire UK test cassette on eBay

    Final mixes = album versions. This is worth $200 at most.
  15. robert

    Johnny Marr & The Healers play "Please, Please, Please..." on the Dermot O'Leary show, BBC Radio 2

    Install the Flashgot plugin for Firefox. Then it's just a right-click to DL.
  16. robert

    Gene's Martin Rossiter Interview, Comparisons With Morrissey -

    Nobody has put it on "hear" because it was just released yesterday.
  17. robert

    Gene's Martin Rossiter Interview, Comparisons With Morrissey -

    Just listened to the covers EP. Yawn. Just MR and his keyboard.
  18. robert

    Gene's Martin Rossiter Interview, Comparisons With Morrissey -

    Just got the new release (and the covers EP and live album as well). Will hopefully get to listen tonight...
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