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  1. Kenmare

    Morrissey Central ELIZABETH DWYER DIES (August 14, 2020)

    Holding M and family close in thoughts. When the generation that stands between us and eternity passes, it's a slap.
  2. Kenmare

    Current tour song hopes

    (Anything so long as it's sung in Boston, ffs) ---would love to hear You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side Lost
  3. Kenmare

    Smiths tribute night axed over Morrissey's politics - Birmingham Live

    I believe this to be spot on. His parents' generation are all but gone--he is in that inevitable position where he is the elder generation, now, and that is sobering. Sobering because the old ways--for good and for bad--are gone, and that his is the generation closest to the hereafter once his...
  4. Kenmare

    "Lady Willpower" c/w "Rainbow Valley" - physical single release (available Aug. 23, 2019); artwork

    Apologies for whomever has undoubtedly posted this first (and clearly someone has on youtube), but Moz does resemble Baker from certain angles
  5. Kenmare

    Apropos of M's comments re. Kevin Spacey
  6. Kenmare

    FOR HISTORIC RECORD, BEFORE I DIE. - Morrissey Central

    Speaking of ledges...I'll go out on one to predict a cancellation of his tour dates with Interpol, and a reunion with JM after a hiatus. Of course, I have zero proof of this. Haven't touched a drop today, am chemical free as always. Just an odd hunch from odd me.
  7. Kenmare

    "To Wake Up In Heaven With All My Worries Behind Me…" - Morrissey Central (30 June, 2019)

    You Know It's You Kirsty MacColl I want to shake up this world And not to feel so useless And I long to wake up happy And not to feel so hopeless I want arms that never held me To pull me to my senses And wrap themselves around me Oh, please let it come true There's only one thing for me...
  8. Kenmare

    Johnny Marr on The Smiths' legacy and Morrissey: "You can't change history..." - NME

    Johnny Marr on The Smiths’ legacy and Morrissey: “You can’t change history. The songs are out there for people to judge” - NME Excerpt: Speaking of context, Morrissey has seen his music banned from record stores and posters removed from train stations due to his recent support of For Britain...
  9. Kenmare

    US Fall tour dates with Interpol posted (14 total)

    Greetings, all...would any of you happen to know if this is a a) legit b) a DJ set dedicated to M and Interpol c) an actual date? Edited to add: the venue seems ill suited to a Moz show, hence the question.
  10. Kenmare

    US Fall tour dates with Interpol posted (14 total)

    Hope so. Depending on where he decides to play, Boston (at least) would easily support a couple of nights.
  11. Kenmare

    US Fall tour dates with Interpol posted (14 total)

    I'm guessing it's because Camden's about a 1.5 hour drive from NYC....and lots of ppl in that area have likely bought tickets for the Bway shows. (Selfishly I add) That's why I'm flummoxed as to why no NE dates have been added. We're 4.5-6 hours away (drive time) from the closest show, save...
  12. Kenmare

    Uncut / The Smiths - Ultimate Music Guide (April 2019) includes "California Son" review

    Haven't heard yet, but it's the one I'm looking forward to listening to the most. I too loved the original
  13. Kenmare

    2019 tour guesses - North America

    Sigh. More and more, I am thinking I'm a gom for thinking those shows in Philly and Boston will be made up for on this tour, aren't I? Will Broadway be it for the eastern US?
  14. Kenmare

    Which Morrissey fans are always depressed and sick?

    None. We keep ours hidden.
  15. Kenmare

    "California Son" track listing posted on Morrissey Central

    Swooning over the fact that he's included Lady Willpower. That's been a guilty pleasure of mine as well over the years. It alternately reminds me of Lou Rawls, Tom Jones, Elvis...
  16. Kenmare

    Favorite Morrissey single

    Good question(s) Cover Art: You Have Killed Me Actual Single: Now My Heart Is Full B Side: Jack the Ripper Nostalgic: Everyday Is Like Sunday (I'm boring as hell)
  17. Kenmare

    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    Hi Rifke, Do you mean the prepaid cards? If so, then sort of...the prepaid cards can't be used internationally, I don't if you're buying airline tickets, yes...but if you're paying for a hostel overseas, likely not.
  18. Kenmare

    Moz/Band at work, apparently

    Mando posted a pic from a session...a lovely bat.
  19. Kenmare

    This is Morrissey: An Interview by Fiona Dodwell - Tremr

    This is Morrissey: An Interview by Fiona Dodwell - Tremr June 5, 2018 Excerpt: When I penned my recent piece, 'Morrissey: The Great Unfiltered Artist' it was my aim to shine a light on somebody who I felt was at times misunderstood, and to attempt to question what we were 'sold to believe' (as...
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