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  1. roky

    What's my collection worth?

    Yeah, I was being generous by the cd's. Also correct about Family Line. A while back they seemed less frequent. But WOW.. It doesn't matter now cause he got a loan.. ;)
  2. roky

    What's my collection worth?

    Yeah, no joke. WOW... Wish you would of mentioned the loan yesterday before I typed all that on a Kindle looking at his CD page and coming back to type and re typing cause my stupid auto correct messes up everything I am trying to type..
  3. roky

    Rarest Smiths/Moz

    I would add a Rank blank to mine. Never have owned one..
  4. roky

    What's my collection worth?

    Hey David, ok knowing they are cds makes it easier. No need to get a list unless other than the Japanese cds you have some off the wall country other than uk, Europe USA and the like. So assuming the are the normal countrys.. Your top three would be Dutch Suedehead, $100 on a good day Family...
  5. roky

    "Morning Starship" single (Jobriath cover) - Messages from Morrissey ~ available 20th March 2019

    I didn't mean Jobriath doing cabaret tunes was embarrassing i was meaning M looking for Jobriath in 1992 when he died in 1983. Huh.. I just thought about this. I think Klaus Nomi died in 1983 as well, in New York. I wonder if he and Jobriath knew of one another? That would of been a good show...
  6. roky

    Chequebooks out

    I went to a record auction in 2014 or so to specifically bid on a Rank blank. I had to drop out at $650. But I did get a MIM Mayking 7" test press and a HSIN 7" beige mis pressed test pressing with Oscillate Wildly on the b side and Jan 18th 1985 and matrix number hand written.
  7. roky

    Signed "The Smiths" LP

    Allie, are those all your Morrissey letters and postcards Omega is selling as well?
  8. roky

    Selling my collection

    Really nice collection. You should make out pretty good. I hope it works out for you. I think lots 754, 756, 758, 759,761 and 762 are undervalued. You should get more for those.. Good luck..
  9. roky

    Most expensive TWWL cassette

    Totally AMAZING collection. Thank you so much for sharing. What is the Viva Hate with the ID cover? Also the blue part 2 of Louder Than Bombs?
  10. roky

    Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

    I totally agree. Start an auction at .99 and it will determine the going price.
  11. roky

    Most expensive TWWL cassette

    I have both of those as well. Lol. I got those in a lot sale along with the Thailand Vauxhall cassette. Which is a pretty neat one.
  12. roky

    Haven't seen one of these sell in a while

    How long was it on Discogs?
  13. roky

    Haven't seen one of these sell in a while

    Sold on Discogs Aug 7th 2018 for $2,763.19. I can't remember the last one I have seen for sale.
  14. roky

    Looking to buy Roy’s Keen and Satan Rejected My Soul on cassette tape

    Doesn't this make you sick..
  15. roky

    Morrissey bootlegs

    Depends which ones. Electric Ballroom would be more. But that is The Smiths. If you are looking for Moz solo, Posing in Paris, and Live In Cologne are pricey as well. There are many more Smiths bootlegs than solo on vinyl.
  16. roky

    Most expensive TWWL cassette

    Damn.. Those sold on EIL is making me wanna cry. Especially that MIM cassette. Looking forward to seeing your ones coming in from Chili and Argentina.
  17. roky

    Most expensive TWWL cassette

    You guys are killing me with all these cassettes. I am druling over them. I love the ones with clam shell cases. Ordinary, you are 100% correct. I always listed my auctions starting at .99. They are going to sell for a good price and sometimes much more. I might of lost a little money in 1-10...
  18. roky

    Looking to buy Roy’s Keen and Satan Rejected My Soul on cassette tape

    I think I have an extra Sunny cassette. I will check. If anyone is looking for one
  19. roky

    Starting to collect

    Also be on the lookout for the 1988 Suedehead to 1995 Have A Go Merchant vinyl promos. They made different sleeves for all the singles that came out those years. Most notably hard ones to find and most expensive in today's market are Hold On To Your Friends, Our Frank, Have A Go, Love Life ...
  20. roky

    This is Morrissey
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