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    Johnny Marr - 6Music - Vinyl Revival

    erm,,does anyone happen to have a recording of the show?
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    The Smiths - Unreleased Demos & Instrumentals [Bootleg Vinyl Rip]

    that's exactly what i thought when i first listened to these. i prefer ask, sheila, disco dancer etc as i know them, i think they released (from what we have heard so far) the better versions (but i must say i quite like the trumpet on frankly mr shankly). ive often heard bands' demos and loved...
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    Suede's live return

    did they play any earlier songs? have you got any recordings or pictures?
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    Beady Eye

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    Johnny Reb ; reports back from Boz's studio

    i'm feeling judgemental today. i doubt you'll have great success given the current trends in music industry. however, when i thought everyone was fed up of post-punk the drums became huge. i still don't get how these things work.
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    Johnny Reb ; reports back from Boz's studio

    no disrespect to boz but i think the production makes you sound exactly like the libertines or dirty pretty things (but then i often prefer demos to "finished" songs...)
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    Suede to release comprehensive “Best of” compilation

    the best of has 7 tracks off coming up. it's a pity the ones i love are not on it
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    Suede to release comprehensive “Best of” compilation

    i only really like a couple of tracks. i'm not fond of songs like saturday night and lazy.
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    Suede to release comprehensive “Best of” compilation

    mine as well. but they're both fantastic albums..
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    Survival Game- Meat Is Murder

    the headmaster ritual- 30 (+) the one i want is the one i can't have- 40 (-) that joke isn't funny anymore- 29
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    Love Music Hate Racism on Morrissey

    i very much enjoyed this conversation. lots of good points brought up
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    Still wearing those "Love Moz Hate Racism" t-shirts?

    Do you interpret "Despite isolated acts of violence that should be condemned, the overwhelming majority of the protests have been peaceful." as him defending fundamentalist violence?
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    Johnny Marr in Total Guitar

    thanks mate, that's very nice of you
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    Morrissey's letter to The Times

    well, i wonder if it was a hoax too. you never know...
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    Mercury Prize 2010

    Re: Mercury Prize 2010 nominees announced i believe foals will bag it
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    What would ole Mogsy have done: Slash attacked onstage!

    it's great that he went on and finished the song. the show must go on. what's more important in a situation like that, your own ego or the music you're playing?
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