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    The Salford Lads UK tour (April 26 - 29, 2023)

    I have beautiful memories of celebrating Morrissey's birthday at a Hooligans show here in Moz Angeles. Jose Maldonado is the man! To all in the UK, please just Go To The Show! You will love it!
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    What would you like to see happen to the two unreleased albums (Bonfire and Without Music)?

    Option 3 is best. All the good songs, no duff ones (song quality being an issue for Moz lately). The songs may sound different due to different producers and musicians, but they will be linked by the usual Morrissey themes. Producing an album like Quarry.
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    Your top 10 Morrissey solo songs of all time

    I would listen to these if I knew it was my last day on earth: Everyday is like Sunday At Amber Trouble loves me Come back to Camden Late Night, Maudlin Street Seasick, Yet still docked Jack the Ripper Sister, I'm a poet I've Changed My Plea to Guilty Now My Heart is Full
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