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    Morrissey Central IG: Salt Lake City & Denver (Nov. 22, 23) cancelled due to band illness (November 22, 2022)

    LOL. I'm 2 for 5 for Moz shows (all in Colorado). Didn't bother buying tickets to this tour due to the last time when he cancelled after we were in the venue. Happy to say I'm still 2 for 5 and not 2 for 6.
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    Pitchfork review by Mina Tavakoli - IANADOAC 6.1/10

    I think most people are in agreement that Pitchfork reviews are crap these days (they were great a LONG time ago). I'd agree with the score. Maybe a 7/10 would be more accurate (IMO). It certainly the best thing he's done in a while.. I think I said this for his last album (which I didn't care...
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    Boulder, CO show cancelled - Gustavo in hospital following collapse

    Obviously first and foremost I hope Gustavo is okay. Under the circumstances Morrissey coming out to talk to us was impressive. I'm sure they are all shook up. That being Morrissey "batting average" is pretty bad. 2 for 5. It's getting comical. I hope the show is rescheduled...but if...
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    Denver, CO - Ellie Caulkins Opera House (May 17, 2014) post-show

    Jeez...did this person go to the same show as me? I enjoyed myself and it was a good show, but I've seen MUCH MUCH better from Morrissey. I thought the set list was a little lacking (and I would have been ok with another 5 songs or so).
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    Moz: 2014-05-17 ~ Ellie Caulkins Opera House, Denver, CO

    MP3:!R48WQBIK!-5DnKPqI6A7wr2CefJQFcIc2b_Okyhz8b7JfPLgHplE BIT TORRENT:
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    Denver, CO - Ellie Caulkins Opera House (May 17, 2014) post-show

    Finished tracking out my recording. Confirmed the set list was exactly the same as SLC: Hand In Glove / Speedway / Ganglord / I Have Forgiven Jesus / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / World Peace Is None Of Your Business / Yes, I Am Blind / Life Is A Pigsty / The Bullfighter Dies / To Give...
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    Denver, CO - Ellie Caulkins Opera House (May 17, 2014) post-show

    Good show. Had a nice seat in the front row of the loge. Very nice people around me too, who were generally pretty mellow. Thought it was interesting that Jesse stormed over to the fool that tackled Morrissey and gave him a piece of his mind. Recorded the entire show and it sounds pretty good...
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    Presale password

    Didn't know about the pre-sale for Denver. Thanks for the password. Strangely there are PLENTY of tickets for the Denver show. Had my pick of where to sit (had to give it a few tries). The place only holds 2100 people. I would have thought it would be sold out in minutes, if not seconds. Nice...
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    For those who've heard it, how do you now rate Years of Refusal?

    I'm hoping this is a grower album. I can't say I'm impressed. No songs stand out as top tracks. Some are better than others, but I didn't have any "wow" songs. It's still Moz so it's good...just not nearly as good as the last 2. Interesting to see that some of you didn't like the last 2...
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    [BT] Morrissey - 2007-05-09: Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO

    Thanks. I am having a discussion about this on a tapers forum, and I think we are coming to the conclusion that people that don't tape don't understand, and may never. Not to mention it is impossible to educate everyone. Heck, I might even just give in, and convert my future recordings to MP3...
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    [BT] Morrissey - 2007-05-09: Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO

    Obviously many of the people here are just uneducated about why tapers make this request. This is probably due to the fact that many Morrissey fans do not listen to many bands that allow taping, and therefore are not familiar with what we do, and why we make the request not to share ANY LOSSY...
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    [BT] Morrissey - 2007-05-09: Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO

    Hey, thanks for converting this to MP3 and uploading it, despite the fact that I asked that you not do this. I realize that I give up control of my recording when I share it, and I have no control over what happens. I know of other shows that were taped on this tour that will not see the...
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    [BT] Morrissey - 2007-05-09: Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO

    Enjoy! Morrissey 2007-05-09 Fillmore Auditorium Denver, CO Taper : "Mike B" Location : FOB/DFC Mic Config : HRTF Source : dpa4060>MMA6000>JB3 Record Format: 16-bit, 44.1 kHz Conversion ...
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