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  1. Zenith Nadir

    1 Year Ago Today...and Tomorrow

    One of the most euphoric experiences in my life too, PT. No recording, sorry. What I do remember is that it was a good attempt, the crowd cheered, and that Rock Steady cover defence was *solid*.
  2. Zenith Nadir

    Greatest Morrissey-Solo song of all so far?

    Mine changes month to month, but at some point each of these would have topped my list: Life Is A Pigsty, Every Day Is Like Sunday, The Boy Racer, Christian Dior, November Spawned A Monster, The Last Of The Famous International Playboys, Lifeguard Sleeping, Girl Drowning, Come Back to Camden...
  3. Zenith Nadir

    Morrissey - 2008 - Greatest Hits - By the Numbers

    The rest, no "Greatest Hits" choices featured. 31) At Last I Am Born - 5,875 32) Hold on to Your Friends - 5,780 33) Tomorrow - 5,671 34) I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now - 5,376 35) Piccadilly Palare - 5,307 36) Now My Heart Is Full - 4,877 37) Ouija Board, Ouija Board - 4,773 38) Certain...
  4. Zenith Nadir

    Morrissey - 2008 - Greatest Hits - By the Numbers

    If this is of vague interest to anyone, here are the listeners' charts for Moz. Only Redondo Beach doesn't feature in the top 100. Rest bolded. I fixed some dupes, eg song counted with and without a comma. 1) Irish Blood, English Heart - 17,142 2) First of the Gang to Die - 16,912 3)...
  5. Zenith Nadir

    The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 205: TONY THE PONY

    I despised this song for years. I'm still not sold on the choice of title, which comes across as 9 parts nursery rhyme, 1 part poetry. But beyond that it's a great piece of music with some clever (somewhat black?) lyrics.
  6. Zenith Nadir

    Which Song and Why?

    That's how people grow up, featuring Kristeen Young's intro. In its current form, I'm Playing Easy to Get is just too vanilla for my liking. Not a bad track, but not an 8+ song either. If it makes it onto an album, I hope it would be a less bland reincarnation of the Janice Long version. Of...
  7. Zenith Nadir

    New Single/Greatest Hits will be released 25th Feb 08?

    Re: 25th Febuary <= wouldn't be a bad choice for album artwork either...
  8. Zenith Nadir

    The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 189: THE OPERATION

    Southpaw sounds infinitely better with my itunes set to ignore the first the two minutes of this song.
  9. Zenith Nadir

    My Mother on Morrissey

    For years my father referred to him as "Morrissey Smith" or "Cheery Mr Smith". I gave up trying to correct him.
  10. Zenith Nadir

    LOST discussion

    Merci. Lost is epic. Even - if not especially - the much derided season 3. dharma Jacob
  11. Zenith Nadir

    Why were 698 users online exactly one year ago today?

    I would guess some popular blog/forum had one of this forum's topics hyperlinked. Either that or the vBulletin counter wasn't working, and kept counting registered users and guests as "logged on" long after they left. Extra stuff: I just looked on the main page archive, and 30 or 31 October...
  12. Zenith Nadir

    Dear God, please leave me alone... prayer in school?

    You just knew that this thread was going to end up a few pages long. It's hard not to chip in or attach emotion to your response because you're dealing with the greatest philosophical question of all time. This was something I saw buried on youtube recently which I though was excellent. "The...
  13. Zenith Nadir

    Rugby World Cup

    Feel sorry for the All Blacks losing like that. Who would have thought the French would score a touch down in a game of rugby? :D
  14. Zenith Nadir

    What do you think of the general quality of the new songs?

    Not entirely on topic here, but there's a number of people that rate ROTT highly, and a number that rate it as awful. Certainly far less consensus than for e.g. Vauxhall being sublime and Maladjusted being forgettable. I'm going to speculate/guess/attribute that to whether the Moz cultists like...
  15. Zenith Nadir

    Anyone else here watch Star Trek?

    I dislike just about all sci-fi, so can't offer much on the current debate other than the mighty Mars Attacks must surely be one the greatest movies ever made. Post Script: I find Lost completely addictive too, if that falls into the science fiction genre. The stretches of imagination that...
  16. Zenith Nadir

    Rugby World Cup

    I have got a small bet at great odds on Argentina to win. Probably going to lose my money, but what the hell. Go Argentina!
  17. Zenith Nadir

    What Is Your Job Title ?

    Legacy Paradigm Supervisor click here for some of my other work
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