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    RIP George Michael

    Outside is the greatest two finger salute in the history of music, and hilarious to boot. It's the only video of George I've been able to watch since he passed that has brought me laughter rather than a tear.
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    Irvine, CA - Bren Events Center (Nov. 9, 2016) post-show

    Can someone elaborate on his US election comments? Really interested to hear what Moz had to say on this one.
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    Is Johhny being a shit attacking Moz for publicity?

    There's no 'attack'. It seems more to me that his autobiography is attracting press attention, he's being asked questions about Moz and in turn his responses are being turned into news stories. He merely pointed out they're on different ends of the political spectrum these days, or so it seems...
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    Johnny Marr reviews books on The Smiths - BBC Radio 4

    In all the discussion on this thread I completely missed the fact that Johnny is wearing a suit jacket over a giant yellow jumper. Dead. :lbf:
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    Moz writes open letter to Australian Deputy PM about live animal export - PETA Australia

    Posted today via Morrissey Asks Barnaby Joyce: Stop the Live-Export ‘Slow Boat to Hell’ - PETA Australia As Morrissey wraps up his Australian tour, the music legend and animal advocate fired off a letter to Barnaby Joyce, Australia’s Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources...
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    Johnny Marr interview by Simon Hattenstone in The Guardian; extract from memoir

    I really respect the way Johnny has discussed this - evidently he's in a place where he accepts the good and bad of the past and is content. The lack of snark is refreshing, good on him. Reunion will never, ever happen, but being the idealistic (and naive) person I am I'll always hold out hope...
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    Wollongong, Australia - WIN Centre (Oct. 29, 2016) post-show

    Thanks butley! He seems very happy and chatty indeed, same for Canberra. Glad you had a great time. :)
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