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  1. Southpaw80

    MusicRadar: "My Tele was on just about every track I did with The Smiths" – John Porter (April 29, 2022)

    Rather pointless posting that here, most fans couldn't tell a tele from a strat and another opportunity for that pig to weigh in, f*** you by the way, you are a cancer on this site and still an admin, couldn't write it, thank you drop dead.
  2. Southpaw80

    Morrissey attends Joan Collins in conversation - The Lowry, Salford (October 17, 2021)

    Well that's what intrigues me when I see photos of them together ... top or bottom?
  3. Southpaw80

    Julie Hesmondhalgh: ‘Most embarrassing moment? Meeting Morrissey on an escalator’

    Seems like a nice lady, grounded and unpretentious. Saw a video on youtube of her talking about her favourite QID song, Bigmouth.
  4. Southpaw80

    Aberdeen - BHGE Arena (Feb. 16, 2018) post-show

    Well exactly, I want to hear those tunes live. Are you for Dublin, Acton? Coming down from Belfast myself, a few days in a Guinness haze.
  5. Southpaw80

    "Low In High School" released (Nov. 17, 2017)

    Thank you Bosie, that confirmed exactly what I suspected.
  6. Southpaw80

    "Low In High School" released (Nov. 17, 2017)

    Okay Eric, thanks for your thoughts. I take it that you're leaving us now? Please have the balls to do just that, I can't spend my life sifting through your witless rants. Same to BB, that wretched butcher and friends. I'm not an apologist but it's very tedious reading the same old invective...
  7. Southpaw80

    "Low In High School" released (Nov. 17, 2017)

    I love it, it's as simple as that. See you in Dublin m'laddo, besos x x x
  8. Southpaw80

    "World Peace Is None Of Your Business" released (UK - July 14, 2014)

    i love the Wish You Were Here ending to this album; design or accident? (when i say WYWH i mean Pink Floyd, not Judith Charmless) .... no-one else notice this?
  9. Southpaw80

    If you could resurrect any feature of the Old Solo - what would it be ?

    circa 1999 i was fairly new to solo, used to have a laugh in the chat-room, spoke to so many nice people - met a few of them too; not so sure it would work now though with so many aggressors on here, sad .....
  10. Southpaw80

    UK chart position, day one (#2) -

    #2 is a very respectable result after only a day ... what's all the fuss about claiming the top spot, inane vanity - do you think he'd be there for very long?! releasing a stand-alone Istanbul would've been a better strategy, eschewing those odd spoken word vids (Pammy?!). I'm not buying...
  11. Southpaw80

    "World Peace Is None Of Your Business" released (UK - July 14, 2014)

    no my friend, it's never tedious in Torre after dark, haven't you been to La Nogalero? :rolleyes:
  12. Southpaw80

    "World Peace Is None Of Your Business" released (UK - July 14, 2014)

    i'm a few listens in with a nice Rioja flowing ... me gusta! it's definitely an unusual effort from Moz, fine by me, no-one wanted another YOR; playful latino/flamenco flourishes aqui y alli, funny if sometimes clunky lyrics, more experimental musically, strong stand-outs + overall very...
  13. Southpaw80

    "World Peace" review by Keith Cameron in Mojo (4 stars, Aug. 2014)

    so we've new Moz and Manics to look forward to in July, clásico! ... can't help imagining JDB writing for Morrissey :thumb:
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